Review: Vaseline cocoa butter oil

Well its officially winter, and with that come even drier skin for me!  Lately the skin on my shins has been itchy and almost shiny in appearance as it is so dehydrated.  I have countless body creams in my drawer but i hate the way most leave a white film on my skin and leave me cold whilst they're soaking in!  So when i saw a review on Vaselines Cocoa butter oil i just had to try it!

Firstly it smells like brown sugar and cocoa..Yum! Brazilian nut and almond oil make this oil so hydrating and softening on the skin.  The best part about this product is that when you rub it in its so warming, perfect for winter.  I have used this for the past week and a little goes a long way, plus my skin has never felt softer!
I was worried that oil would stain my cream bed sheets, however i haven't found this to be true as it soaks in very quickly and is almost gel like in formulation.  All in all this gets a big thumbs up from me, it really is the lazy girls answer to moisturising as you don't have to spend so long laboriously trying to rub heavy creams into the skin.  Definitely worth popping into your trolley come next tescos shop :)

Has anyone tried this yet?


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