Blog sale!

Before these go on ebay :)...
Postage is in item only, first come, first served just leave your paypal email in comments :)
Oasis floral dress, size 12,silk, £18, postage £2.50
worn once..bought for £60.00
picture of model wearing it :)

Dune tan platform shoes, size 7, worn once, comes with box and replacement heels. Leather with gold heels! £30.00 postage £4.50

Jocasi chocolate soft leather bag, very good condition. This cost me £125 yikes lol..selling for £42, postage £4.00
Guess brand new, never worn from usa! comes with original box. Cost me $200 :(
Size us 9 so uk 6.5.
£60 postage £4.50

Miss selfridge dress, size 14. £10.00 postage 2.50


Stressed lol! x

I thought I'd better do a quick post to explain for my lack of them lol!

The thing is I have been pretty stressed these last few weeks...its all down to a huge decision I've had to make!

It may not seem like a huge step to many people, but to me changing my job has been a huge one. This is due to the fact that I have left my profession completely!

As most of you know I am a beauty therapist, and have been for four years. And I'm sure your all aware of how badly paid the industry is! Well I am getting to the age where id like to start thinking about moving out, and on my current wage this just isn't an option :( I have decided to leave the industry completely and now I'm going to work at an estate agents..random I know!!

However I have a slight Jekyll and Hyde syndrome at the side of me says "yep you have definatly made the right decision", it will mean better career prospects, long hours but in the long run I will be making more money and gaining more of a challenge! Also the estate agents allows me to have Sat's off to do wedding makeups etc, all of which I've had to turn down in the past as i work EVERY sat! The other side says why leave a career I'm passionate about and trained so hard for!

I hope you can see why I've been so stressed..I know people say its only a job, but I hate the thought of making the wrong decision. And for me its such a big one!

So basically I need words of wisdom...have any of you guys made a huge career decision..regretted it..or has it been the best move you ever made?
On a slightly girly note..any ideas on places to get lush office wear?!


Busy bee!

I felt i haven't blogged an awful lot recently..mainly due to my two hobbies which seem to be taking over my life lol!! Anyone who's on my face book will know I'm currently setting up a jewellery business and doing a lot of work in studios doing makeup and styling! I love both, and hopefully they will bring me a little extra money, hey even a new career may come of it?! All i know is i adore the creativity and diversity being a make up artist can offer..if only it was an easier industry to crack :( also training is ridiculously priced boo hoo! So for now ill stick to the two as hobbies! Let me know what you think, or if you have become a makeup lol?!!! Here's some of my work:

Which look..if any is your fave?

Also please visit my jewellery web site..early days but please give me your feedback :)