Hot lips x

After reading J's blog about lavender lips it got me thinking!! Do you guys love some images of make up but would never wear them?? I do, and I've worked it out that i really do just appreciate the art and photography!! Or is it our inner girlyness screaming at us!! just thought id post this to see it anyone else is as odd as me lol...oh and to clarify craziness here is a pic of lips (yeah i find lips v arty) that i wouldn't wear but have secretly want to lol xxxx

Lip erase!!

To buy or not to buy?
That is the question!!! Now I'm not i love i mean love nude and pinky lips, and since i naturally have highly coloured red lips i always have to block them out to get the true lipstick colour! However for this purpose i either rub my foundation brush over my lips or use macs myth lippie as i think this is basically concealer colour!! Am i missing something or is this just a huge gimmick? I'm sure its very moisturising blah blah but why not save money and just take 6 items back to mac and get your free myth lippie??? let me know what your reviews on this product are????? xxxxxxx

Fancy dress

You guys should know that i am partial to a bit of fancy dress..every birthday of mine involves it some how! but last week i went to a "welcome to the jungle" themed party. Just wanted to post some pics of my make up and hair at the party as i was oh so pleased with my budget, yes budget lashes!! They were 99p from Wilkinson's bargain and for the party i think they rocked let me know what you think...oh and I'm a zebra by the way lol!!!!

Oh Sally!!!

Ooopsie i got sucked happens every time i go to sally's, i go with a few "essentials" in mind and come out with wayyyyyyyyyyy more than anticipated!! The problem is seeing as I'm in the beauty trade i get it all at trade price, this means in my head its cheaper so buy more!! So anyways i got sooooo many goodies for an unbelievable £35. I mainly went for some more hair colour and to try out this Chi silk infusion that I've read sooo much about...after lollipop26's review i had to go get it lol! Problem is i think i walked out with the whole bloomin many products so little time to try them all, so I'll try and let you know how i get on!!!!

*OPI charged up cherry and Mrs o'learys BBQ...such cute names!!

*2x loreal diacolour in 4.15...i mix this with semi permanent peroxide so its kinder to my hair than permanent...i think professional colours give a much better shine which is mainly what i use colour for. i find with shop colours that they leave my hair static and fly away for a few days after! again you get what you pay for!!

*CHI: flex and hold hairspray, infra texture spray, nourish intense mask, nourish intense silk bath, silk infusion! me thinks silky locks are coming my way!!!!

Looking like a simpson...mac style!!

Hmmmmm confusion time.....Ive used MAC for 4 years now and my first product was the all important select foundation SPF 15 in NW25 i must add that this was chosen for me by a mac consultant! Now guys seeing as you can see pics of me i would say i was a warm tone? Well wrong....every time Ive gone to get a new bottle and stated the colour I've had confused mac faces stare back at me!"NO NO" they'd say "your definatly a cool tone as i can see yellow in your skin"! Ok so trusting them i have let them on 2 occasions do my base in NC30 AND NC35....both looked great in the MAC stores, however step out side and woah....jaundice/simpson overload i looked much so my friends walked around lakeside weeing themselves with laughter! I just do not get it how can most mac consultants now say I'm NC? Problem is that i used to think my NW25 was fab for me and now I'm doubting it!! Grrrr so id be grateful if you guys looked at my pics and gave your verdict as I'm totally you might be able to tell lol!! ta duckies!! xx

Stuck in a rut!

Hmmm so yeah i have a huge make up collection but still only use one trusty blush...MAC harmony! boring i know but its a neutral brown and goes with every look i do!! a year ago i purchased Melba as the Mrs Cheryl Cole stated she used it (sad i know) but seeing as she has a similar colouring to me i thought it would suit!! so guys I'm off to London tomo, armed with a sack full of pennies to buy mac.....please suggest some mac or nars blushes you think will suit!! xx

Mac for xmas...splendid!

Yay goodies galore!!!

Santa was kind this year:
*Mac pro pallet...empty but fab lol
*Mac holiday smokey eye set
*Mac paint in bare canvas
*Mac shade stick in beige-ing
*Mac mulch e/s
*Mac sable e/s
*Mac pigment jardin aires
*Mac shade and sculpt lightsweep
*Mac costa chic lippie
*Dior cream eyeshadow in 472 (olive green)
*Dior bronzer light tan

Xmas look!!

Ok so this is my make up on xmas camera is not very good at showing colours etc so i apologise but here's what i used:

*Mac select foundation SPF 15 NW25

*Ysl touch eclat

*Mac concealer NW25 on my blemishes!

*Benefit hoola bronzer

*Mac fluid liner in nightfish

*Mac shadestick in beiging

*Mac naked lunch

*Mac satin taupe

*Ysl faux clis mascara

*Mac harmony blush

*Mac shimmer cream in lune

*Mac lipstick fun fun...i used a wash of concealer over lips first to get neutral base

Hair care!!

Ok so you probably know I'm a make up snob by now and the same goes for my haircare! Now i am not snobbish at all but i do believe you get what you pay for, so rather than wasting money on things that don't work i splurge on things that will last longer and do the job well!! Its bog standard for me to wear Primark clothes but have designer shoes, make up and jewellery lol crazy but true, my friends all laugh at this but its just the way i am!! so here's my "designer" hair care goodies!!

So its out with fashionista and in with moisture manic!! i always use Tigi shampoos and i buy the big pump bottles as they last for a joke i was scrimping on the last bits of fashionista as i knew i was getting moisture maniac for it just shows you it lasts almost a year!! again this shows how expensive products go further!! I loved fashionista but i felt it was time for a change as my hair (being sooooooo long) is getting a tad dry at the ends! i really recommend the s factor range too, and i use the conditioner occasionally as a treat for my hair...maybe after a night out when its been heavily styled etc! Oh and the smell of s factor is divine...reminds me of topical and apple hubba bubba bubble gum yummy!!!!

Here's my styling products...mainly for volume!! i have real thick and voluminous hair however i love the big styled hair like Jessica Simpson's and also the length of my hair tends to weigh the roots down after a few hours so it does go kinda flat when i do not add styling products!

Products for body/volume:

*bed head small talk: this is a thickening cream that i apply mainly to the ends and then i work the remainder into my roots..its too rich to put just in roots! wet hair!

*Tigi superstar queen for a day: i spray this all over roots and massage in on wet hair.

*Tigi catwalk fashionista bigger and bigger: this can make your hair soooooo crispy if not used with caution! i use a tiny amount and start on mid lengths and work up to root on damp hair.

Products for smoothing:

*Redken all soft velvet whip: I use this on my ends when they feel super dry its a kinda leave in conditioner and it leaves my ends super soft and sleek. use on wet hair!

*Redken glass look serum: i use this on dry hair after I've straightened my hair! adds super shine with just 2 small drops!

*Loreal liss control: I use this on dry hair to add texture and sleekness to the ends!

*Tigi after party: i use this on dry hair to again add texture and god it smells lush!!

The rest of the bunch:

*Osis thrill fibre gum: this is fab for defining the fringe and ends of my hair really holds!

*Tigi bedhead hard to get wax: i use this for the scent and to add a real light hold to the ends and fringe.

*Tigi camera ready: shine spritz in a bottle!!

*Paul Mitchell heat and shine spray: i use this when I'm using major heat on my hair!! not as often as i should tho lol!!!

*Loreal hairspray: i use this when i backcomb hair or curl as it has serious hold! if i want lighter hold i use elnette!

*Loreal play ball: i use this when i let my hair dry naturally as it creates beachy waves!

16 facts tagged by holly!

Here goes i hope its not too boring lol:

*Cheese is my favourite food ever...fact!! i could eat it on everything!!

*I would love to live in America and work in Epcot England as I'm mad about disney!! Ive been three times in a row!

*I drive a Peugeot 206 black convertible. i love her lots, even tho she is expensive to look after!!

*I have a habit of taking funny quotes from films and using them in everyday annoying!

*I'm going to Vegas and Santa Monica in June....trying to branch out a little further than Florida lol!! Don't panic the LA Disney shall be visited haha!!

*I go to bingo on Sunday nights when theres nothing to do...sad i know but Ive won £1,500 and ive only been going 6 weeks result!!

*I love theatre, that and shopping are the only things i enjoy about London! going to see dirty dancing on the 29th Dec yay!

*Im half Swedish quarter sri laken and Portuguese, thanks dada for my tan!!!

*I make birthday cakes and jewellery in my spare time ill post a few pics...I'm not just a pretty face you see..hahha!!!

*No one knows about my blogs, not that I'm embarrassed mainly because my friends will say "whats a blog?"....I'm the net geek in my group of mates and the one who's makeup gets raided before a night out lol!

*I have a levels in English lit, theatre studies, geography and business studies...even tho I'm hopeless at maths!!!!!!!!!

*Ive got a super active mind which is why i set this up....i always have to have a new venture or hobby so this will hopefully keep me entertained lol!!

*I have seriously thought about auditioning for big brother lol! but I'm not crazy enough i don't think!

*My fave animals are pigs, bloody babe stopped me eating pork and i haven't touched it for 6 years all tho i do miss a bacon buttie :( oh and miss piggy is my kinda girl haha!!

*Despite traveling lots i actually hate flying so, so much, i take Valium to calm myself eeekkkkk!

*I have an unhealthy obsession with Jessica Simpson...i own all the newlyweds DVDs i think she is soooooooooo funny!!!


what is my obsession with American shoes???? i can never find any shoes i love in the UK..i get most of my shoesies from the states and go every year for a mega shop! My fave are guess and Steve madden shoes! here are a few of My latest shoe USA buys: (my pics didnt do them justice so i used net pics)

I'm getting these babies for xmas yay!:

jessica simpson shoes!!! i havent even worn these yet lol x

my betsy johnsons..they kill my feet but they have a hot pink pop art pic of marilyn munroe on the sole!!!!

and these are on my wish list they're dior :( never be able to save the pennies!

oh i suppose i cannot be too harsh on the uk as i do have these little fabbies from dune!!


Ok so i guess like most women i get my inspiration from celebs, my main three fave celebs for make up are Cheryl Cole, Kim kardashian and Jessica Simpson!! Ive posted a few pics of some lush looks that i luuurve!! i love jessica simpson however as shes a blondie most things she wears and (believe me i know nearly every product she uses lol) doesn't suit me at all :(! however i can wear colours that Cheryl and Kim wear so that's ok! one thing i wanted feedback on was what do you guys think of Cheryl's bright pink lippie? I'm not sure i can carry if off but tried my hardest to find out what colour she wore and found it was MAC girl about town! Now id love to try this look but what do you guys think too much or too fab for words? I'll leave you guys to decide for me lol xxx

brusha brusha brusha!!

wowie!!! my new mac brush has arrived...and why am i sooooooooo excited do you ask? well its only available if your a mac makeup artist so its pro and i think its only available in the USA?? introducing my new mac 180 kabukki brush yay...............

I'm such a geek i saw it being used on Kim Kardashian in her make up tut on YouTube!! i absolutely adore her make up so if its good enough for her then its good enough for me!!! Now for the bad news it cost a whopping £42!!! eeeekkkk but soooooooooo worth it i don't think Ive felt a softer brush and i love love applying my foundation with it fab!!!!! Try to see the kim YouTube vid to see how its used genius!!! im currently trying to build up my brush collection so i can start tutorials on youtube so wish my bank account luck!

Nailing it!!

Im HUGE fan of nail date i have 70 pots ooooppps!! The salon where i work uses jessica so needless to say i have a lot of these!! Now i have had gels put on for the cristmas season im only really wearing it on my tootsies but here are my all time fave colours:

p.s take its from me Jessica varnishes do not disappoint they're fab quality with easy to paint with brushes and extremely fast drying..perfecto!!!

* eternally yours..prob my all time fave goes with everything and I'm wearing it at the mo! little finger.
*tuti frutti..super barbie pink coral colour very cool colour for summer! first finger (pic dosent do it justice!)
*bedazzler..fab xmas colour vvvvvv glittery yum!! middle finger
*shall we dance..lush deep red that gets tonnes of comments! ring finger

however i did a client the other day and she was wearing a fab colour by OPI called a ruby for Rudolph and its lush...i feel my nail polish collection might round up to 71 soon lol xxx


hmmm now I'm super girly and love this concept...however i think the colour range is ghastly...not my kinda colours at all!! I'm sooooo dissapointed as the packaging is way cute!!!! oh well maybe ill change my mind when i see the products in real life lol and ill eat my words but I'm not sure on this one!!


now its a bit of a thing of mine but i friggin love bows, espesh on imagine my excitement when i spotted these babies:

how lush??? well now for the downside they're £600 dollars! to buy or not to buy????????? sorry but i just had to give these shoes some show lol, ill have to put some pics up of my shoes collection so you can see how mad about bows i truly am!!!!!

These are a few of my favourite things!!

hey guys, thought id rave about some of my must have products. All these things i pretty much use on a daily basis and quite frankly couldn't live without......

faux clis mascara by YSL...i have used this for years and get mine from la preya, they are based in jersey so its tax free and postage is free too!! So fab lashes needn't be so expensive lol!!

MAC blush in harmony....I'm a real stick in the mud when it comes to blush, i tend to stick with the same one for every look whoopsie. But i do love this shade!!!!
MAC shadow in Naked Lunch....this is such an everyday quick colour for me. i feel it instantly brightens my eyes and is a good colour to work with for smokey looks!!
Elemis frangipani moisture friend worked for elemis and gave me this to try and I've been hooked ever since! I pop it in the bath at night and the smell is so luxurious it heaven! its also fab applied to my skin, again at night as i hate wearing heavy textured creams/lotions in the day!

Now I'm a huge fan of MAC lipglass but my fave colour is pink lemonade, not only is the name cute but it looks awesome with a tan (real or fake) hahaha!! x

YSL golden gloss, i have this in the coral colour (shock) as you can guess i looooooove corals and pinks. this is sooooooooooo glitzy i always get asked what it is and again tastes lush!love love love this lippie, pure rose by MAC. The only bummer is that it was limited addition so what did i do.... i got 3 yes three...geek ha!
Body shop coconut butter reminds me of that can only be a good thing! Huge fan of body butters although when i fake tan this is to be avoided as the high oil content ruins a good tan lol!!

YSL touche eclat, lifesaver in a pen...need i say more!

I heart for everybody jar candles...i get them from Tk maxx, i'll even go so far to say they smell better and stronger thank yankee ones! I love the cherry limeade scent and burn it nearly every week in the summer.....yum!

ysl rounge volupte!

Ok, so i know these aren't new,new...but i just have to rave how fab these are!! Now I'm a huge magpie and when i first saw these babies in an airport back in September i thought BLING, BLING!! Yes they come with a hefty price tag at £20 a pop but the colour is so dense and the stick itself feels sooooo moisturising when on...i can deff see this lippie lasting a while!! Not only that but it has a cute mirror on the base and looks damn right fab when pulled out of your hand bag!! I personally have number 13 and I'm hoping to get number 2 after xmas...lush!!!

oh p.s: they smelly yummy too :) xx

MAC and Hello!!

so i hear through the grapevine that hello kitty and mac are collaborating, well all i can say is wow! i loved the barbie and MAC collection and this one looks just as fab! i believe its available Feb 2009 so guess who'll be first in line!! heres what ive found out will be in the range:

*6 shades of lipstick and lipgloss!*2 tinted lip conditioners!*2 eyeshadow palettes that has 4 shades on it*2 shades of pigments*2 Reflects Glitter stockkeeping units (1 blue, 1 pink)*4 Glitter eyeliners*2 shades of beauty powder*3 shades of nail polishes*a mascara*false lashes*2 shades of Dazzleglashes = $28.00 each*Sheer Mystery Powder = $90*Hello Kitty make up bags*Plush dolls*Purse mirrors*3 Brush collections*Mirrored key clip*Beaded Bracelet

cant wait!! xxx


Hey everyone!!

soooo new to this so hopefully over the next few weeks i'll get to grips with it and i will be putting something decent up to read!! please bear with me lol!! xx
oh i added a few pics of me too so you know whose going to be ranting on lol!