Hold your frame, whisper your name

Is it just me or does anyone else have a severe case of cabin fever!!  I feel like i haven't properly left the house for days.

It was such a sunny day i thought i'd venture out, do a little shopping and take my camera with me to take some pretty pictures...

I dream about living in this development- which i pass on my dog walks- in fact its only a stones throw away from my house.  It was the old work house years ago and now offers both houses and apartments.
I love the peacefulness of this place, the character, ornate lampposts and the pretty view- well i can dream cant i :)

A few pretty things from dunelm:

Cherry blossom scent sachets for my wardrobe and car which smell amazing and the cutest birthday card to store away.

Ive never smelt Dorma products before but this candle reminds me of spring and i love it, so naturally i purchased the room spray too :)

Anyone else with a bout of cabin fever?  I felt like the sunshine was going to scold me today :/


Christmas markets of 2012...

So after years of never getting around to visiting a Christmas market, this year i outdid myself and managed to visit two- Manchester and Lincoln.  Lincoln is a quick 1hr trip from where i live but Manchester is a good three hours away and we made the most of the trip by staying with old friends :)

I have to say Lincoln is one of the prettiest places I've visited- i wanted to live in practically every house i saw.


 My gorgeous best friend Gemma x


 This shop was amazing- i purchased this bath bomb which is scented with Chanel and left my skin smelling divine for hours!

 Ma & Pa :)

I loved how festive the markets made me feel but the lack of imagination and diversity behind the gifts left me a little underwhelmed.  I enjoyed the yummy food though, which if im honest is all these markets are worth visiting for.  Did you visit any markets this year- any recommendations for next year?