The lipstick chronicles...Mac flat out fabulous

So on to the third lipstick of the chronicles...flat out fabulous.  I get a lot of comments on this colour as its neither purple or pink, so its quite an unusual shade- its kind of beetroot coloured on me :)


Like all great Mac lippys, it lasts all day...but yes it is a little drying..oh well somethings got to give i suppose.

Have you tried this shade?

T xxx

The lipstick chronicles...Mac Playing Koi and Rose Cashmere

So, moving on to this weeks lipstick...Playing Koi.

Now, I have had this lippy for quite some time- i grabbed it greedily when it was LE without really trying it.  Truth is, it is far too chalky and pale for my complexion.  I recently purchased Maybelline's sensational shine gloss in Cashmere Rose and when this is partnered with the oh so chalky Koi it makes for quite a handsome coupling!

(Indoor light)

(Natural daylight)

Have you tired either of these?

T xxx

The British tag...

I love a good tag don't you?...

How many cups of tea do you have and how many sugars?

I don't drink many hot drinks- so perhaps one a day at the most...and when i do..3 sugars :o...probably best i don't drink it often!

What is your favourite part of roast dinners?

Stuffing and Yorkshire puds :)

Whats your favourite dunking biscuit?

Custard creams and chocolate digestives!

Favourite British past time?

Theatre and Cream tea...there is something magical about mis-matched china and sugar cubes :)  My favourite is the Peacocks Tea Rooms in Ely..if you are in the are you must check it out, you wont be disappointed.

What is your favourite sweet?

Strawberry laces, sherbet spaceships and haribo strawbs.

Who is your favourite British person?

Sir David Attenborough...if you like animals you're alright by me...this man has done so much to educate us...true national treasure!

What is your favourite shop and restaurant?

Cau in Cambridge- although i don't eat steak i love the chicken dish and the atmosphere in general.  Shop wise, i love Paperchase, homesense and boyfriend...not so much ha!

What British song pops into your head?

Babybird, your gorgeous...what a tune!


Yes please, with lots of butter ;p

I tag you all...and Dani in particular!!

T xxx

Skincare routine...

Ill admit it- I've been a little lazy with my skin care regime as of late and have resorted to face wipes on more than one occasion during 2014!

Now don't get me wrong, I've always invested heavily in Elemis, Decleor and Clarins cleansers previously- but as my skin has got less and less oily/troublesome i, at the time did not really felt the need for expensive and faffy skincare routines.  Fast forward a few months and my "glow" and healthy texture has definitely disappeared- and since i have had no radical lifestyle changes, I'm putting this down to my lack of love for my face!

So step forward my new skincare routine...  Only a few days in and my skin feels bouncy, fresh and much softer.  My makeup even applies better...just shows what a good skincare regime can do for a girl ;).

The cleanser is on the rich and creamy side, which to be honest if you suffer from oily skin you may not like the feeling of.  I personally find milky, thin cleansers no longer cut it for me, so this suits me just fine.  I apply it and remove with the Kleenex facial cloths which are super soft.

I then tone using Matis Pure Lotion- also on the facial cloths.

When it comes to moisturising i use the shine control Matis lotion as i don't like anything too heavy under my make up.  This gel is really cooling and dries extremely quick.

For the evening i repeat the process but use Neal Yards power berry moisturiser.

Have you tried any of these, and what are your thoughts?

P.s whilst writing this I've realised....I'm 28 ...and my skin must be producing less oil...the end is nigh people lol!

T xxx

The Lipstick Chronicles...Mac Relentlessly Red

So as i own SO many lip products I saw it fit to show a few of them off...enter the lipstick Chronicles.

Each week i will post a new colour...well until i run out..don't worry we should be good for a few months ;)

This week its the turn of Relentlessly Red..i love this matte pinky/red.  Its not too drying *ahem, yes i mean you, ruby woo*


The colour does last all day and has not transferred to my teeth to my knowledge lol..I always get compliments on this lip colour so id suggest a swatch when you're next in Mac.

Sorry for the pic quality, my DSLR was not to hand today so the photos were taken on my iphone!

Have you tried this or loathe?

Lippy link!!!

T xxx

Those who mind dont matter, and those who matter dont mind...

The title quote speaks volumes.

I'm pretty sure fellow bloggers must have felt like this at some point..i surely cant be the only one.

I'm going to make an admission- i was embarrassed about my blog.  I use the term i no longer care what people think..well to some degree anyway.

I have kept my blog a secret since 2009 when i rubbed shoulders with the likes of Zoella.  I would go to events and keep all my goody bags, freebies and web friends separate and a secret from my "real life".  Why did i do this?? Well that's because i had no confidence in myself- don't get me wrong I'm still not 100% but then i think, who ever is!

I also live in an extremely small and clicky town in which people are very judgemental.

After a few friends and my boyfriend (yikes) finding my blog by accident in most cases- I've realised that their reaction was far more positive than i could have hoped for.  I guess my insecurities have stemmed from my feelings of always not feeling good enough- I'm constantly thinking, my blog isn't as good as such and such's blog so why bother.

Ive since learnt that people like different things.  Being a size 10 may be great to show off fabulous outfits but hey, maybe my size 14 readers enjoy my ootd as it gives them inspiration of what they could really wear?  I'm finally accepting that being me is OK- and that you don't have to be a certain type in order to have a successful blog.

I could kick myself for going quiet on the blogging scene as I've always really enjoyed it but felt i had to wait until my heart was really in it for me to start up properly again.

I want to know if anyone else has ever felt this way...please tell me I'm not alone lol! parents still don't know i have a blog...but then again they cant even use the net so it might be a loss cause ha :)

T xxx

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Hi all,

This is a guest post that i did for the lovely Daniela's blog..go check her blog out its great.

This is a picture heavy post..well aren't all face of the days?!!!  And please excuse the background clutter and bingo wings...i haven't quite got the hang of heavy canon camera selfies yet :/ tripod needed *note to self*

It also features my new top from New Look which I'm a little bit in love with :)

What i used:

BASE- Mac studio sculpt NC37- YSL touche eclat- Benefit erase paste- Ben Nye Banana powder- Mac bronzer

CHEEKS- Mac harmony- Mac warm soul

EYES- Naked pallette; foxy and YDK on outer corners- liquid liner- Mac carbon smudged along lash line- Max factor mascara- Ardell demi wispies

LIPS- Topshop wave goodbye lip crayon 

NAILS-IBD tickeled pink :)

TOP-  link!

Hope you like it :)

T xxx

July favourites...


Here are some of the products I'm loving so far in July.

Estee Lauder- Bronze Goddess- 

I have been a fan of this since it was first released.  As it is limited edition i find myself only using it now and again as i love it so much i don't want to waste it..anyone else like this lol..special occasion perfume.  However with the nice weather and holidays this month I've found myself over indulging in it...ooops!  If you haven't smelt it you must...i don't know anyone who hasn't commented on its scent whilst I'm wearing it- it just smells like holidays in a bottle..and who doesn't like holidays!

Toni and Guy- Classic gloss serum- 

I received this in a glossy box and after using my Moroccan hair oil up I've been using this and loving it.  Its lightweight and non-greasy which is a plus as some can leave my hair feeling dirty and lank.  I use this on wet hair before drying and also on dry when its feeling a little dry and frizzy on the ends.

Rimmel- Kate moss lipstick- 

I got this a while ago in shade 101 and found it quite drying so stopped using it.  Since then i apply to balmed lips and all is good.  I love this colour and have worn it to several weddings this month it also smells like parma violets- win, win.

Aussie- Aussome volume mousse- 

I got this whilst in the states- its great for volume- even on my heavy, lengthy hair and doesn't leave that yucky crispy feeling.  It smells like watermelon but I'm not entirely sure if this is available in the UK...*sob*

Koolaid- cherry!

Ok, so totally non beauty related, however i have been drinking this non stop so far this month.  I am obsessed with cherry flavours so grabbed a few bottles of this in Florida.  I have been trying to drink more at work so this has been says no calories..i don't know how as its so yummy but hey ill go with that :/

Please link me to your favourites :)

T xxx

Oh JoY in Brighton...

I visited Brighton on Saturday for the first time.

We were lucky enough to have had lovely weather as it seemed the rest of the country received oodles of rain. Now on to Brighton itself...I loved the lanes..just as i knew i would but the town centre wasn't as nice as id anticipated. We ate lunch close to the sea front at a place called The New Club which i can really recommend..i mean they served slaw in a mug...thumbs up from me! :)

 I am currently obsessed with watermelon and pineapple prints/ was chuffed when i found a pineapple trinket and a salt and pepper shaker set from JoY...the boyfriend cannot wait for these to be a new addition to his home :/

I also visited Choccywoccydoodah..well it would be rude not to wouldn't it.  I don't know how..but i didn't end up purchasing anything..miracles do happen!

We ate our evening meal at Prezzo along the marina which was also lovely...all in all Brighton was good to us...the only bug bear was the 3 hr drive grrrr!

Have you been to Brighton...did you love or hate?

T xxx