The British tag...

I love a good tag don't you?...

How many cups of tea do you have and how many sugars?

I don't drink many hot drinks- so perhaps one a day at the most...and when i do..3 sugars :o...probably best i don't drink it often!

What is your favourite part of roast dinners?

Stuffing and Yorkshire puds :)

Whats your favourite dunking biscuit?

Custard creams and chocolate digestives!

Favourite British past time?

Theatre and Cream tea...there is something magical about mis-matched china and sugar cubes :)  My favourite is the Peacocks Tea Rooms in Ely..if you are in the are you must check it out, you wont be disappointed.

What is your favourite sweet?

Strawberry laces, sherbet spaceships and haribo strawbs.

Who is your favourite British person?

Sir David Attenborough...if you like animals you're alright by me...this man has done so much to educate us...true national treasure!

What is your favourite shop and restaurant?

Cau in Cambridge- although i don't eat steak i love the chicken dish and the atmosphere in general.  Shop wise, i love Paperchase, homesense and boyfriend...not so much ha!

What British song pops into your head?

Babybird, your gorgeous...what a tune!


Yes please, with lots of butter ;p

I tag you all...and Dani in particular!!

T xxx

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