Those who mind dont matter, and those who matter dont mind...

The title quote speaks volumes.

I'm pretty sure fellow bloggers must have felt like this at some point..i surely cant be the only one.

I'm going to make an admission- i was embarrassed about my blog.  I use the term i no longer care what people think..well to some degree anyway.

I have kept my blog a secret since 2009 when i rubbed shoulders with the likes of Zoella.  I would go to events and keep all my goody bags, freebies and web friends separate and a secret from my "real life".  Why did i do this?? Well that's because i had no confidence in myself- don't get me wrong I'm still not 100% but then i think, who ever is!

I also live in an extremely small and clicky town in which people are very judgemental.

After a few friends and my boyfriend (yikes) finding my blog by accident in most cases- I've realised that their reaction was far more positive than i could have hoped for.  I guess my insecurities have stemmed from my feelings of always not feeling good enough- I'm constantly thinking, my blog isn't as good as such and such's blog so why bother.

Ive since learnt that people like different things.  Being a size 10 may be great to show off fabulous outfits but hey, maybe my size 14 readers enjoy my ootd as it gives them inspiration of what they could really wear?  I'm finally accepting that being me is OK- and that you don't have to be a certain type in order to have a successful blog.

I could kick myself for going quiet on the blogging scene as I've always really enjoyed it but felt i had to wait until my heart was really in it for me to start up properly again.

I want to know if anyone else has ever felt this way...please tell me I'm not alone lol! parents still don't know i have a blog...but then again they cant even use the net so it might be a loss cause ha :)

T xxx

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  1. Tiffany, I've experienced the same thing. I don't share my blog with many friends, just with close friends and on Twitter because I know they won't judge there. My close friends and family are very proud of how committed I am with my own blog and how happy I seem to blog so I think that allows me to be more open about it.

    One day I remember I posted a pic on instagram (two beauty products) and I remember a girl commented on it laughing and saying "are you really instagramming this?" and I felt so bad? But then I was like "Well, I've got a blog and I have a bunch of cool followers and people who enjoy reading me so who cares if someone doesn't like what I instagram anyway?" :)

    The Dr. Seuss quote is amazing. Never be ashamed of what you do because in the end, your actions make you! And your blog is pretty cool <3

    1. Ahhh Cristina thanks for taking the time to write such a lovely comment! Glad you understand...phew!!! xxx