Kerastase cristalliste mask...a review...

So, its no secret I'm a huge fan of kerastase masks and i rely heavily on my much raved about nutritive mask in order to maintain my long locks.

Being a naturally curious person, when i noticed a new mask i naturally wanted to try it despite knowing that id already found the perfect treatment for my hair.  The lesson that can be learnt from this blog post is this..."if it ain't broke"....

This mask claims to leave hair feeling soft and supple with polished ends.  I wish this statement were true.  I can honestly say that this mask, despite the £26 price tag did absolutely nothing to wow me or my hair :(.

It did not nourish my locks half as much as my beloved nutritive, which, also may i add leaves my hair smelling lush for a few days after.  Nothing about this product is remarkable, nor does it warrant, in my opinion such a hefty price tag.

The product feels quite thin for a treatment mask and doesn't smell quite as nice as my old fave :)

All in all i would not recommend this mask if you have a similar hair type as me, extremely long, thirsty and will simply not cut it for you.

Has anyone else tried this?  Reviews and thoughts please :)

T xxx

Lush Oatifix...

I have never really delved into the world of lush masks, i am very guilty of buying way too many bath and body products..but facial bits and

I now feel slightly silly that i hadn't tried them before now.   After trying the amazing mask i am now converted.

Yes, my face looks like I've dunked my head in porridge Goldilocks and the three bears style..but it is worth it.  The oats and almonds within the mask soften and exfoliate..two birds with one stone ;) and the bananas (which smell scrumptious) soften and nourish.

Its hard for the high end product lover in me to believe that natural ingredients are, maybe, just maybe better, if not equal.

My skin felt super soft and almost matte..this is not a plumping, juicy feeling skin type mask FYI..more of a refining and calming.

I would definitely recommend this if you haven't already tried it- and oh, one more thing...i hope this product is edible as some may have maybe, no definitely fell into my mouth ;)..yum!

T xxx