Get your hair did...

Is it mad that i still want to put clip in extensions into my hair??  Ive been stuck in a hair rut recently so I had my hair cut with lots of medium/short layers today and whilst i love it i feel scallped ha!

 I mainly had the layers put in for volume as i feel like my hair is dragging my face down somewhat!  So after having it hacked i now want to put more back in ha- anyone else do this? Old habits die hard!


Kardashian kisses...

So i have been on the hunt for an orangey red lipstick for quite some time after seeing Kourtney post on her blog about this beauty....

No surprise that after she had blogged i couldn't get hold of this shade in the shops for love nor money- plus it is a little pricey for a colour that i wouldn't wear on a day to day basis :/

Luckily i feel I've found a good dupe with Me, Me, Me's Tuscan red :)....i know its not an exact match but for me its suits my needs and curbs my craving for Kardashian lips!  Further to a great colour pay off the lipstick is actually very nourishing and not drying like so many other pigmented lipsticks...smiles all round!

Has anyone else tried lippys from this range?