Weekend roundup...

You know how you feel after a heavy weekend of drinking...and that standard saying is used.. ’I’m never drinking again’!!?? Well the same applied this weekend except change it to ‘I’m never eating junk food again’.

It’s safe to say that I went for it this weekend- and for it, I feel utterly awful.  I’m beginning to see a pattern with myself and the weekends..they all revolve much too heavily around food!! 

So here’s what I got up to…I promise not all of it is about food:
I booked a girly holiday.  After thinking that this year I was destined to a summer in the UK along came a newly single friend to save me.  We’re going to Portugal in May for a week for some much needed cocktails, sunshine and ice cream. 
I got a set of long awaited studio lights :)

I ate curry.  Friday night I met up with some old work friends and we stuffed our faces with chicken tikka and enough poppadum’s to feed a small army….this was day one of food gate!

Saturday was Valentines Day…so of course, for any singleton..this must revolve solely around food.  I met up with my friend Rachel and we went to Chiquitos and then sat stroking our bellies through 50 shades of grey (this may have included popcorn also!)  We then went to the Hotel Chocolat factory store where it would have been rude to have not brought several bags of discounted yumminess.  Then we headed back to Potton and decided we were hungry again…pizza soon followed of course.  We had such a good evening full of giggles- id say it was my best Valentine ’s Day to date! 

Sunday I rounded my weekend of gorging off with a trip to Toby Carvery and Sunday evening was spent in the gym, crying internally on the treadmill over what a little piggy I am.

Despite having major food regret, I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend.

Please leave a comment with a link to your post if you do weekly roundups etc. as I really enjoy reading them :)
T xxx

Kiko Makeup Blender...

 I’m always the last to jump on trends.  I was way behind on the tangle teaser and the same goes for the topic of this post- the humble beauty blender.

I don’t know about you, but I could not ever justify spending in the region of £20 for a ball of sponge- no matter how great it claims to be.  So after playing the waiting game I believe I have come up trumps.  I spotted this little gem at Kiko for £6.90!!!

Now, I know I have nothing to compare it with as I have not purchased the original beauty blender…but I cannot see how another sponge could perform any better than this to be honest.
It does the job- plain and simple.  I use it to push in my contour product and I am more than happy with the results.  It blends seamlessly and it does not absorb and take too much product away from the face.
Now I’m not saying that it is better than the beauty blender- but- if you are a little tight for cash or just don’t like being ripped off like me ;) I’d say give this a go…it may just surprise you!!
If you have this- let me know what you think.
T xxx

Mac Diva...Mac Mehr...

I have an unhealthy obsession with lip products- each in my collection, similar, yet oh so slightly different.

Mehr, however is different from anything i have in my 50 something collection.  I love this colour as its suitable for both day and night.   I have been asked what im wearing on my lips every single time i have worn this so far!

it lasts all day and has that amazing MAC ability to stain your lips no matter how much you've nibbled on them throughout the day...amazing stuff!

Have you tried this colour- are you as in love as i am?

T xxx