Blueberry and Lemon cupcakes...

Im obsessed with blueberries. I find an excuse to sneak them in to most things and when that "thing" is cake, i can almost fool myself into thinking they are reasonably healthy :/

I gave this recipe a whirl and apart from the frustration of converting cups to grams/mls it actually turned out pretty well. In fact the batch of 12 didnt make it past the end of the day.

T xxx

Mac Flamingo and Sweet and Sour...

Why Mac, why?

Im sure you can all sympathise with my sorrow when all of the nicest colours Mac release are Limited edition. I wish there were an opportunity to stock up but as we all know they sell out within a blink of an eye :(

Anyway, here they are in all their pretty, limited edition glory...

Sweet and Sour:

Did you manage to nab either of these?

T xxx