Skin: Millia

Milia are keratin filled small cysts that form usually in areas where the pores of the skin are very small! Commonly around the eye or cheek area.

They are often mistaken for white heads or just uneven skin.

Why do they appear and what causes them:

First of all there are two types of milia:

Primary milia: this may result from oil glands that have not fully or properly developed


Secondary milia: this results from trauma to the skin i.e stripping the skin causing it to over produce oils or using products which are too heavy for this skin which blocks it.

If its the first one..then its just the way your skin is and milia will usually disappear on their own

If its the second type then the skin care routine is to blame and should be changed and milia will have to be removed.

Tips: Never use oil based products near eyes..this is why eye cream was invented..creams are too rich for the small pores around the eyes. This goes for foundation and cheap oil filled concealers too...they simply clog pores and doesn't allow them to sweat and breathe!

Oh and yes the amount of clients with milia that told me they use body lotion on their face and suffer from wonder lol!

How to keep them away:

If the milia hasn't shifted within a few months it is best to get them removed at your salon....i don't know if youve tried but these suckers wont budge like normal spots with a hard squeeze!! It requires using a special needle to prick the skin, then the milia pops out like a little pod :). i promise this does not hurt if done correctly!

Once milia is removed they shouldn't return as long as the following is applied:

Exfoliate once/twice a not over exfoliate..this can cause them!!!

Apply a separate eye cream

Steer clear of oily make up

Tone after cleansing to remove any excess product

Skin: Dehydrated

Im starting with this one as it is the most common in the uk, and funnily it is the most unheard of and hardest to decipher!

Please remember this is a general overview of typical dehydrated skin..I'm not a dermatologist but i am sharing all that i know :) if you have any specific probs just email me!

This skin type is commonly misdiagnosed as oily/combination. I have to say i believe combination skin is myth and a generalised term to package a product, if your serious about diagnosing your skin a therapst will always find the reason as to why the skin appears combination...unless your in your teens and hormones or medication play a part in oil secretion then there is always a reason for an oily t-zone..usually dehydration. confused, i was at first?? let me explain.....

What the skin will look and feel like:

Skin will commonly look dull, lifeless, sometimes ashy or sallow due to lack of moisture, usually has an oily t-zone and normal or tight cheeks, flat (no plumpness or glow to the skin). After cleansing cheeks may feel tight and oil returns within a few hours.

Tip: To check whether you skin is a flat palm on the side of your cheek and push the skin in towards your nose...if tiny little feathery lines appear (not big wrinkles) you are dehydrated...imagine a plump juicy fresh peach...if you pushed the flesh of the fruit it would be firm and crinkle free, give it a week when the moisture has gone from the flesh and the fruit will crumple under touch! Random but this is how it was explained to me and it stuck lol!

Why does this happen:

Lack of moisture (not drinking enough fluids), air con/heated work environments, alcohol, smoker, lots of salt in the diet, lack of sleep, flights.

All of the above dehydrate the body...and a dehydrated body will use what moisture it has on vital organs etc first...unfortunately the skin, hair and nails come last.....hence if your body is dehydrated then so is your skin. Now here's the bit that most people don't know and this is why people assume they have oily/combination skin! If the skin isn't receiving enough moisture it will start to create its own lubrication to protect itself in the form guessed it..OIL!!!!

What you should not do to dehydrated skin:

Over cleanse and this skin type is confused with oily skin most people strip the skin to remove oil...this will only make the condition worse. Over stripping dehydrated skin can result in acne, skin bumps and breakouts that just wont go away. This skin will go into stress/survival mode when over stimulated and stripped so therefore will create even more oil to protect its self...more oil=more spots and even millia! I will so a separate post on millia as this is a real problem for most people!

What can you do to treat it:

Cleanse twice daily with a gentle foaming cleanser, make sure cleansers do not contain SLS (Sodium lauryl sulphate) these can be drying, this is also true for alcohol!

Exfoliate once a week...any more and the skin will come dependant and create more oil :O

Moisturise in the day with a light lotion, creams will often feel too heavy on the oilier zones of the face..i only really recommend creams for dry or sensitive skins

In the evening...this may seem backwards but the best thing to apply is face oil...clarins do one which i cannot rate highly enough...this oil treats the skin and it is to be used every night as a plumps the skin and skin drinks it up!!

Mask once a week to boost the skin and plump

Remember skin has to get worse before it gets better...if there is dirt deep down in the pores and you switch to a proper routine it has to come out somehow..please don't give up!!

Product recommendations:

I really hope this helps, i will do another skin type soon :) xx

skin types and how to analyze!

Ok so i was inspired to do this post after reading Bubblegarms blog :)
I have been a beauty therapist for a little over 4 years now and i suddenly realised that I haven't really used my knowledge to try and help with most of our biggest!!
If I had a pound for every woman I see that misdiagnoses their skin id be rich!! I think the general information out there for the general public is awful and terribly misleading...I mean it is thought that if your skin looks oily then you must be oily right? WRONG!!! Im going to do a series of posts to cover most skin types...i will explain the misconceptions with each skin symptom and give you tips to help treat it! I have worked with Clarins, Aveda, Environ and Elemis so I haven't been brand brainwashed in anyway..all these companies have the same theories on skin types so i hope i can help..stay tuned :) xx

Face and outfit of the night :)

So this was my outfit and face last night..just went for some yummy din dins and then to the cinema to see Saw VI, Hope you like :)


  • Mac studio tech nc37
  • Ysl touch eclat number 2
  • Nars laguna bronzer
  • Mac harmony blush


  • Mac paint pot bare study
  • Mac glamour check all over lid, then soften and smudge with a blending brush (looks scary at first lol)
  • Mac gold stroke pigment pressed on top of glamour check on inner half and onto apple of the eye
  • Mac carbon gently applied in the crease
  • Mac retrospeck blended up to brow bone as a highlight
  • Maybelline express khol, with mac carbon smudged along to set and soften the line
  • Mac zoom lash mascara


  • Mac close to real lippy
  • Clear gloss by clarins

This look requires lots of blending and looked gorgeous but my camera doesn't do it justice :(


Miss selfridge leggings

Newlook jumper dress..i have a new love for navy at the mo and i love the bead detail :)

The answer to clear skin?!

I'm going to be honest…i cant leave the house without make-up..sad but true..P

the funny thing is i don't even have bad skin…but i feel my skin looks dull and lifeless without foundation!


However today i went on a dog walk and shock horror i actually only popped on some mascara and lip gloss :O

For once my skin glowed on its own…amazing!

The only thing i can put it down to is an amazing product that I've been trialling for my salon…

The product range is called Environ..anyone heard of it? (i hadn't) the rep came in and showed us unbelievable pictures of peoples skin before and after..i was blown away and agreed to be the salon guinea pig :) I wanted to see if it would give my skin the glow i crave and get rid of the bumps on my forehead!

I have been using the Avst moisturiser for one month and all i can say is WOW! My skin glows, and i haven't had a breakout in ages…it must be the moisturiser as i haven't changed anything else in my regime! i really am amazed!

The product would of never enticed me if i hadn't seen the before and after pictures as the packaging is clinical and it smells awful…but this has taught me a lot! Never judge a book by its cover springs to mind


Now for the boring infor bit:

Environ is a south african company and here's what's in it that makes its smell so grim lol:

Retinyl Palmitate (A)
Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (C)
Vitamin E
Green Tea
Rooibos Tea
Honeybush Extract
Beta Carotene
Rosemary Leaf Extract

So this is me on my dog walk..with no foundation..amazing achievement for me lol!! Also another achievement..wearing ugg boots...i resisted them for sooo long as i think they make my feet look ugly but you know theyre very pratical for dog walks...even if i do look like a telletubbie!! x


Greetings bloggers..i come in peace :)


Yes i look like an alien :)

Its all in the name of beauty…just a quick review on the body shops seaweed mask!

After searching for the instructions for a good 10 mins..i discovered them by peeling back two layers of plastic on the tub..v confusing lol!! I know lots of people had a hard time finding them too!

Anyway..i cleansed and exfoliated (this is must before applying a enables the product to penetrate the skin, dead surface skin cells are a no-no!) then applied the mask.

When it first went on i will admit it stung a little..i was surprised as i certainly do not have sensitive skin! However this soon wore off and the mask began to harden…don't you just love pulling faces when this happens?

After washing it off i must say my blackheads on my nose looked noticeably clearer…and id say my pores definatly looked more refined. My skin felt super soft too…

I would definatly recommend this product to people with oily skins..I'm going to use this just on my tea zone from now on as i found it a little to stripping on the old cheeks!

anyone else share my love for this product??