Well technically it was last nights outfit but oh well :)

Top: Primark

Leggings: Miss selfridge

Shoes: Faith


Colour sensational review!

The products i get most excited about are lipsticks....i own so, so many i just love when i find new colours :)

One thing that i cant abide in lipsticks is a gorgeous colour but no lasting power and a dry feel on the lips :(....Some examples of this:
  • Mac myth..love the colour...dry as hell!!!
  • YSL frozen mango...love the colour, and texture...last less than 5 minutes on the lips!

So i was surprised to find the new maybelline lipsticks have both fantastic pigmentation and moisturising properties, super creamy(i think the honey nectar provide this)..I'm a very happy bunny! I also love the packaging, very sleek and stylish...one to be proud of when applying!

Above are my two fave colours, Rose ambre which is a very wearable day pink and Coral pop which is super bright but i toned it down with concealer as a base..i love muchly :)


Maybelline have nailed it :)

So i knew there would be lots of maybelline posts, so i thought id crack straight on to the reviews......

Over the next week i will be choosing my faves to blog on..i will chose products i think are worthy of blogging and recommending....and i have to say even though i am a make up label snob i am SO surprised with some of the gems in my goody bag...maybelline have come up trumps!! I have around 6 fab things to share with you guys but for now i will start with the nail polish!!

First of all lets set the scene..I'm a beauty therapist and a self confessed snob when it comes to polishes....I USED to believe you get what you pay for...my polish box is full of O.P.I, Jessica (the polish my salon stocks), Creative and Orly! I don't mean to be this way but when I've tried my friends cheaper polishes I've been appalled with the crappy thick brushes, which to be honest even i couldn't paint with (and i do that for a living :S)!! Also my friends nails are constantly chipped so it wasn't selling it for me lol!! But now i will eat my words because these polishes are amazing!

In my goody bag i received Midnight blue (my fave) and Cerise!

So half heartedly i painted them(v negative i know)..and wow the brush is very professional..it allows you to sweep around the base of your nail like professional brushes do. You can see from the picture the neatness the brush creates (i didn't make any mess :))

The colour pigmentation is also fab, i hate sheer polishes..so thumbs up here!

Finally onto what the product claims..to stay put for 7 days...well i have stupidly bendy nails and already this varnish hasn't chipped after 2 days..in this time i may add i have had a bath, washed my hair and done a full days work at the salon..trust me my nails are normally chipped :( but to my amazement they are perfect! I must say i am actually speechless, I'm guessing the iron and calcium in the product helps the product stay put?! What ever it is it works!!

Last point..it dried in 1 minute..OH MY GOSH!

They need to hurry up and make more shades because I'm seriously stocking up..so, so glad i tried this!

Has anyone else tried these polishes??

New mac collection...well all 2 items of it :) x

Mondays are my day off work...seeing as i couldn't find any good swatches of the new mac collections i decided to head into cambridge for a proper look..rather than wasting my money mail ordering collections (lately all the lip colours ive ordered ive hated..not like the swatches at all)

So off i went and to be honest..i wasn't all that impressed..i don't like glitter pigments and i already have the best one in my opinion..Cocomotion! So in the end i got only 2 things...

  • Close to real lipstick
  • Young thing lipglass

and yes they are both nudes.....let me correct that...perrrrfect nudes!! I got 4 of the close to real lippys as it seriously gorgeous...and i love the lustre lipsticks...theyre moisturising which is nice in a nude..unlike myth which is super drying!

I apologise for the rubbish swatches...camera would not perform today lol!! Full face pic has lippy and gloss on..just lip pic has Close to real lipstick on its own! :)

I also had 12 items to return to back so i got two free lipsticks in Shy girl and an old favourite Hue!

I urge you guys to go see the collections as i found this collections swatches really misguided..I'm sick of ordering "nudes" and them being what i would class as browns!!

I also got lots of clothes at the weekend..i will be doing a post on that but for now i slipped in a pic of my fave dress i got from republic....I'm mad on navy at the mo..makes a nice change from black...still considering taking off the gold chain bit...cant decide if its a bit tacky..thoughts please!! But i just love the shape of the dress!!


Haul time! :)

So i went shopping to Harlow and got some goodies..you know the days when you don't need anything but just buy things for the sake of it?? Yeah i was having one of those days lol..but none the less i got some lovely bits.....

Yankee candles: Black cherry and cherry blossom...i loooove cherries just as much as i love Yankee candles!! I have cherry limeade already and now i am proud to add these gorgeous scents to my collection of candles that look pretty but rarely get used lol!!

Cook books: Yep i was feeling hungry in matalan lol! The cadburry one is AMAZING!

Tigi goodies: Txmaxx jobbie...i get what ever i can pair..you know what its like lots of tigi but hardly any that match!! So i was lucky and these smell lush..kind of like austrailian aussie hair line! Also got the re-usable pink girly bag from matalan!

And finally...frilly pants....I'm obsessed with them! The mission: to have them in every colour..nearly there lol xx