New mac collection...well all 2 items of it :) x

Mondays are my day off work...seeing as i couldn't find any good swatches of the new mac collections i decided to head into cambridge for a proper look..rather than wasting my money mail ordering collections (lately all the lip colours ive ordered ive hated..not like the swatches at all)

So off i went and to be honest..i wasn't all that impressed..i don't like glitter pigments and i already have the best one in my opinion..Cocomotion! So in the end i got only 2 things...

  • Close to real lipstick
  • Young thing lipglass

and yes they are both nudes.....let me correct that...perrrrfect nudes!! I got 4 of the close to real lippys as it seriously gorgeous...and i love the lustre lipsticks...theyre moisturising which is nice in a nude..unlike myth which is super drying!

I apologise for the rubbish would not perform today lol!! Full face pic has lippy and gloss on..just lip pic has Close to real lipstick on its own! :)

I also had 12 items to return to back so i got two free lipsticks in Shy girl and an old favourite Hue!

I urge you guys to go see the collections as i found this collections swatches really misguided..I'm sick of ordering "nudes" and them being what i would class as browns!!

I also got lots of clothes at the weekend..i will be doing a post on that but for now i slipped in a pic of my fave dress i got from republic....I'm mad on navy at the mo..makes a nice change from black...still considering taking off the gold chain bit...cant decide if its a bit tacky..thoughts please!! But i just love the shape of the dress!!



  1. You look beautiful! I kind of like the chain on the dress :)

  2. trisha your always so sweet to me..big hug xx

  3. Love the dress! You look gorgeous :) The lippies look really nice too. You just answered my question: the UK have got back to mac! Yey! I have about 50 to return!
    Love your earrings too! (I've got the same ones ;))

  4. Hey I Tagged ou for an award on my blog.