tagged...right now products x

Im following the tag train choooo chooo:

Shampoo: Tigi moisture maniac
Condtioner: moisture maniac and tigi s factor..smells amazing
Styling products: Tigi small talk and queen for a day..volume!!!
Shower Gel: Coconut one from waitrose
Body moisturiser: body shop peach butter
Deodrant: mitcheum i think roll on it stops sweat for real
Fake Tan: st.trop
Cleanser: clarins one step water comfort
Eye makeup remover: simple
Exfoliator: clarins one step orange one
Primer: MAC Prep & Prime
Foundation: MAC Sculpt nc37
Foundation brush: MAC 187
Concealer: mac nw25 and benefit boi-ing ysl touche eclat
Powder: none
Blusher: mac harmony
Bronzer: benefit hoola
Highlighter: mac lune cream
Eyeshadow base: MAC bare study paint pot
Eyeshadows: Mac naked lunch, mulch, satin taupe, twinks
Eyeliner: MAC Black Track Fluidline
Eyelash curler: since i cut mine off with one.none!!
Eyelash base: Don't use one
Mascara: ysl
Lipstick: mac hue and myth
Lipgloss: mac underage, ysl golden gloss 13
Nail Colour: Jessica eternally yours

bbr comp..yummy mummy and hele xx

I love this comp..although i wish my attempt was better..i had to use what i had in ye old make up box...if i wasn't so busy i would have gone and bought some new bits but hey this is what i managed with what i had!!!

Sorry for sooooo many pics but i couldn't photo the look well to do it justice!!
The lips looked more peachy in real life but on cam they look more pinky oh well!! xxx

my inspiration:

I actually found this quite hard...sometimes the natural looks are harder to achieve than the over the top ones!!

What i used:

*Mac sculpt foundation nc 37*ysl touche eclat*mac bare study paint pot*benefit pigment swoon
*Mac coco motion pigment..under eyes and upper lash line
*Mac beige-ing shade stick on lower water line..i wish i had a gold pencil for this..i treid to put pigment on lower water line too...ouchhhhh do not try at home lol!!
*Some cheapy liquid liner*e.l.f. natural lashes
*Nars orgasm blush
*Mac ravishing lippy
*Ysl number 2 volupte lippy
Its the taking part that counts teehhhee!! xxxxx

mac haul..it came yay!

My long awaited mac goodies...these are special as they were my first pro card order....so all these goodies only cost £71 yayyyyyy!!

Also I'm excited as these babies complete my eyeshadow palette..yay first full palette!
Swatches on my hand aren't great but they are from left to right...retro speck, patina (love it sooo much),beauty marked, gleam (again a fave) and print!
I also got the 187 and 226 brush also the shark skin shade stick...I'm off to place my next order now ooopppss!! xxxx

shoppaholic haul!!

OK so first of all id like to apologise for being extremely lazy recently on the blog and YouTube front...i seem to be sooooooooo busy as feb is a month of friends and family bdays lol! but anyway...i have a huuuuuuuge mac and cherry culture order coming soon so I'm kinda waiting in those before i do any more hauls/vids etc!! anyways i went shopping to Milton Keynes yday and here's what i got...p.s i was supposed to show you the heart shaped krispy kremes too but urrrmmm they kinda disappeared lol!!!! yum!!

OK so only one make up item shock horror..but i wanted to get the benefit boi-ing concealer for a long time now..and for £2 more i got the same sized concealer and 3 shadows all in a cute palette...result...i love these colours too!!

Excuse the excess American goodies...yummmmmm..theres a shop in MK that sells allllll American food..heaven!

Oh and I'm loving my hello kitty phone holder and i pod earphones...who's gunna look the coolest by the pool this year huh??!!!

A little something extra for you...my doggie Ellie in the snow..all together ahhhhhhhh...

25 random things!!!!!

I always enjoy being nosey at others so here's mine.....

*I've wanted a pet chihuahua called Phoebe for like 5 years....its no phase mum lol!!
*Since watching babe i no longer eat pork or any pork by products bye bye haribo booo :( yeah I'm that sad lol!!
*I loooooooooove popping spots...anyones..gross but true!!
*I'm obsessed with tgi fridays mac and cheese bites...cant help myself!!!!
*In response to lauras fact..i can roll my tongue and do a weird rolly thing with it oh go here to see my talent lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4AfaD5YEI0&feature=related..its spesh lol!!
*I could sit and watch MTV trash allllllllllll day..I'm a couch potato!
*My fave colour is coral/salmon pink....major tannage needed to look at its best tho!!
*Bows, pearls and frills i heart!!
*I have one o.c.d...in my car i cant have the radio on volumes ending in 1,3,6 or nine...freak!! i think ill crash otherwise lol!!!
*I'm obsessed with jewellery and hair bands..unlike clothes they will always fit you girls...so i
spend big!! my mates laugh..i dress in primark have designer bags, shoes, make up, perfume lol it makes no sense!!
*I would love to be a party planner or mac make up artist!
*I'm sooooo girly yet i love mice and rats :)
*when i go to America i bring supplies of fruit punch, gushers and cheetos crunchy back...yummmm
*I would never have a tattoo
*I'm addicted to singstar..oh and i always win no joke!!
*I'm an absolute people watcher...for this reason i love big brother and any reality tv!!
*i would love a gay best friend..like gok wan please!!!
*i often find myself getting depressed and dreaming of the life they have on the hill and laguna beach...am i the only one?..i swear its not healthy for me!
*My fave restaurants are pizza express, tgis, prima (italian near me) and olive garden..i miss it so!
*My dream guy is will smith...personality, humour and looks!!!!!
*im soooooooo messy but i love cleaning others mess :p
*im over enthusiastic..i get wayyyyyyyyy to excited and want everything nowwwww!! oh i am nicknamed verruca salt from charlie and choc factory..give it to me ...NOW!! haha
*i love cherries..spesh the naughty ones in syrup!
*I hate fish..the smell, the taste yuck..trust me to hate healthy stuff
*i have always loved mac although the blogs and YouTube have made me more obsessed with collecting the limited edition stuff!! money money money!!!!