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Big thank you to Laura who helped me sort out my promlemo!! Basically when i changed my blog to three column it decided to disable comments so i had to get rid of my lovely layout and go back to being a simpleton...hope you still like it!!! xxx

Loves and hates!

Doing these on a weekly basis really does make me realise how quickly the weeks go!!

Can i ask a favour and ask a few of you to leave a comment..a few people have emailed me saying they cant comment on my blog..and my last 2 posts had 0 comments :( need to know so i can sort it out lol!! x


Sunshine: Down my way we've been having lots, which means weekends at the coast with ice cream and chips..heaven :)

One tree hill: Being off work for a weeks holiday, I've been addicted to this on e4, forgot how much i loved set purchase i think?!

Making money on eBay: Ha ha I've sold so much lately, i love how great it feels to de-clutter my room and make some moolar at the same time!!

Nars mykonos: I love this cream eyeshadow, I've had it well over a year but somehow it worked its way to the bottom of my box and now I'm rekindling my love!


Selling my car: Ive put my car on auto trader, i want a mini cooper convertible, but god i hate all the agro that goes with selling a car..pain in the butt!!!

Hope your all having a lovely week!


Blog sale...You can comment now :)..3rd time lucky!

Comment box is now working..i hope lol..bloody blogger! x

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Postage: Uk: £1.00

Everywhere else: £5.00

Mac trip cool eyes and lip palette: Never used, brand new in box, from the airport!!

Colours: Oyster girl gloss, angel lippy. Seedy pearl, crystal and nightrail eyeshadows!


Mac frozen dream lipglass, brand new in box, never used!


Mac petit four lipglass, this is from usa, not sure wether you can get this anymore?Never used, mac sign rubbed off slightly..why do they do this grrr!


Mac hello kitty mimmy, used once.


Mac patisserie lippy, used once.


Mac pleasureseeker lippy, used twice max!


Mac tester lippy ravishing, used once!


Loves and hates of the week :)

I've been rubbish on the blogging front lately, so i thought this type of post will be easy to stick to, and will help me get through my review of products in a quicker, more condensed way :)

Dove summer glow body lotion: I love this stuff, i picked up the dark version and i cannot believe how much this stuff tans me! i applied it once and look at the colour difference! (I had a plaster on my arm from holiday injections, turned out to be a good guide of colour when i took it off lol) This also smells great and doesn't have a nasty cornflake smell lol!

Special k kiwi and strawberry protein drink: A lovely fellow blogger called violet sent me these from the U.S i love them, only 30 cals and the protein stops hunger pangs! Did i mention theyre pink and scrummy?

Making jewellery: I have several school fetes coming up so Ive been making oodles of jewels, i find it so relaxing and therapeutic, if only i could make a living out of the things i enjoy grrrr!

Spring?? I cant keep up, one minute its hot the next its cold..make up your mind Mr weather man!

Giving up cola: I drink far too much of this stuff, and if I'm to lose any weight and cellulite before my hol in June..this HAS to go :(