Loves and hates of the week :)

I've been rubbish on the blogging front lately, so i thought this type of post will be easy to stick to, and will help me get through my review of products in a quicker, more condensed way :)

Dove summer glow body lotion: I love this stuff, i picked up the dark version and i cannot believe how much this stuff tans me! i applied it once and look at the colour difference! (I had a plaster on my arm from holiday injections, turned out to be a good guide of colour when i took it off lol) This also smells great and doesn't have a nasty cornflake smell lol!

Special k kiwi and strawberry protein drink: A lovely fellow blogger called violet sent me these from the U.S i love them, only 30 cals and the protein stops hunger pangs! Did i mention theyre pink and scrummy?

Making jewellery: I have several school fetes coming up so Ive been making oodles of jewels, i find it so relaxing and therapeutic, if only i could make a living out of the things i enjoy grrrr!

Spring?? I cant keep up, one minute its hot the next its cold..make up your mind Mr weather man!

Giving up cola: I drink far too much of this stuff, and if I'm to lose any weight and cellulite before my hol in June..this HAS to go :(