Thank you Body shop :)


For Christmas the lovely people at the body shop sent me a gift card worth £20!

It was burning a hole in my pocket…so naturally i was straight to spend it :)

I love Christmas sales at the body shop as the butters are soooo cheap and limited edition scents are available. I usually stock up on peach and raspberry but since i have so many of these i got the passion fruit body butter and scrub and also the raspberry scrub!


I wish you could scratch and sniff because these smell divine…i also love how the scrubs have real seeds in them…v cute!





So this is kind of a practice run..oh the sad things i do when i have time on my hands lol!! I’m off to London tomorrow to watch thriller..oh and I'm sure ill fit some sneaky shopping in too :)

So as i was in the mood for preening myself i thought id try and do my hair, makeup and outfit how i want them to be on the day.



Mac studio tech nc37, Maybelline mineral concealed, Nar Laguna bronzer, Mac harmony blush


Mac shade stick in beige-ing, Mac naked lunch on lid, Mac henna on outer corner and crease, Mac engraved eyeliner, Mac carbon smudged onto liner line, Maybelline stiletto mascara.


Mac close to real



All Primark except for the leggings..miss Selfridge lol!! classy girl xx

Hope you all had a lovely xmas…oh and if anyone has seen thriller…details please :)

Pretty little things :)

Here's a few little gems i picked up recently:

River island shoes: by far the most lovely shoes I've set eyes on in a while..and may i say holly has amazing taste in shoes lol..she blogged about them too :). I'm going to have to stretch these babies though as god they pinch :(..bunions for beauty aye?!!



Earrings: A few goodies from topshop and accessorize….


oh and here's how i store most of my jewels…i just love shabby chic!!!



Getting into the festive spirit!

I don't know about you guys but i haven't been feeling very festive…maybe its due to the recession but I'm seriously skint…i normally spend more on wrapping the present than the actual gift :) I just think the presentation of a gift is soooo important.  Last year i wrapped my gifts in brown paper, tied them with a red gingham bow and attached homemade salt dough ginger bread men to the bows! I wish i had a picture to show you :(

However this year due to lack of funds and time I've had to settle with good old Primark…pinks not for everyone at xmas but i think this xmas wrap idea looks good for the little time I've had…i just  the little glittery birds are so cute and cheap :)



Also some of my like minded doggy lovers might appreciate my pets xmas presents…yes she's spoilt…fat tummy's all round this xmas :)



Lush :)

Ok, so i know there has been LOTS of lush reviews lately but I just have to rant about my two favourite lush products…I'm surprised i haven't seen them blogged about before as i think they smell DEVINE :)

Also call me mad but unlike lots of fellow bloggers and friends i never get a headache in lush…in fact id love to work with that scent all day..imagine how good your hair and clothes would smell :)

Both of my favourites are bath bars as in my opinion they make the most creamy, soft bubbles…also i hate bath bombs with glitter, stars etc in them! The bars can be halved, quartered etc so they last longer and they leave my skin feeling sooooo soft and smelling great :)


Creamy candy bath: This gets brownie points for cuteness..its pink with a little flower on and the smell is uber sweet..just how i like it! Creates the softest bubbles is really moisturising on the skin!

Karma bubble bar: This scent is so unusual…oranges and spices…kind of a hippy, incense smell lol! Doesn't feel as soft on the skin as the candy bar does but this lingers on the skin much longer leaving me smelling…well….LUSH!

What are your favourite lush products?

Magic mitt!

See this's magic....Introducing the easiest way in the world to remove your make up!!

My salon has recently started using a new makeup range called Jane Iredale, and the magic mitt is one of their best sellers. Its the kind of product that makes you think "what did i ever do without it?"

It is soooo handy, you don't need any products, just the mitt so it is ideal for travel, staying over at friends/boyfriends etc! It removes all mascaras..even waterproof!! I think if it can get my mascara off it must be good lol!! I think the proof of how well it removes eye makeup can be seen in the pic..once upon a time my mitt was a lovely peach colour :(

It is made from specially knitted micro-fibers, When wet they create a hydromechanical process that breaks the surface tension of the oils that bond make up to the skin. This emulsion is then swept away by the mitt. To clean it all you do is wash under the tap with an anti-bacterial hand soap...cannot be machine washed lol!!! It retails for around £15 but the cheapest i found was £11.70 on if anyone is interested :)

The great thing is that it is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive as it doesnt affect the skins natural acid happy days lol!

Has anyone heard of anything similar??xx

Skin: Millia

Milia are keratin filled small cysts that form usually in areas where the pores of the skin are very small! Commonly around the eye or cheek area.

They are often mistaken for white heads or just uneven skin.

Why do they appear and what causes them:

First of all there are two types of milia:

Primary milia: this may result from oil glands that have not fully or properly developed


Secondary milia: this results from trauma to the skin i.e stripping the skin causing it to over produce oils or using products which are too heavy for this skin which blocks it.

If its the first one..then its just the way your skin is and milia will usually disappear on their own

If its the second type then the skin care routine is to blame and should be changed and milia will have to be removed.

Tips: Never use oil based products near eyes..this is why eye cream was invented..creams are too rich for the small pores around the eyes. This goes for foundation and cheap oil filled concealers too...they simply clog pores and doesn't allow them to sweat and breathe!

Oh and yes the amount of clients with milia that told me they use body lotion on their face and suffer from wonder lol!

How to keep them away:

If the milia hasn't shifted within a few months it is best to get them removed at your salon....i don't know if youve tried but these suckers wont budge like normal spots with a hard squeeze!! It requires using a special needle to prick the skin, then the milia pops out like a little pod :). i promise this does not hurt if done correctly!

Once milia is removed they shouldn't return as long as the following is applied:

Exfoliate once/twice a not over exfoliate..this can cause them!!!

Apply a separate eye cream

Steer clear of oily make up

Tone after cleansing to remove any excess product

Skin: Dehydrated

Im starting with this one as it is the most common in the uk, and funnily it is the most unheard of and hardest to decipher!

Please remember this is a general overview of typical dehydrated skin..I'm not a dermatologist but i am sharing all that i know :) if you have any specific probs just email me!

This skin type is commonly misdiagnosed as oily/combination. I have to say i believe combination skin is myth and a generalised term to package a product, if your serious about diagnosing your skin a therapst will always find the reason as to why the skin appears combination...unless your in your teens and hormones or medication play a part in oil secretion then there is always a reason for an oily t-zone..usually dehydration. confused, i was at first?? let me explain.....

What the skin will look and feel like:

Skin will commonly look dull, lifeless, sometimes ashy or sallow due to lack of moisture, usually has an oily t-zone and normal or tight cheeks, flat (no plumpness or glow to the skin). After cleansing cheeks may feel tight and oil returns within a few hours.

Tip: To check whether you skin is a flat palm on the side of your cheek and push the skin in towards your nose...if tiny little feathery lines appear (not big wrinkles) you are dehydrated...imagine a plump juicy fresh peach...if you pushed the flesh of the fruit it would be firm and crinkle free, give it a week when the moisture has gone from the flesh and the fruit will crumple under touch! Random but this is how it was explained to me and it stuck lol!

Why does this happen:

Lack of moisture (not drinking enough fluids), air con/heated work environments, alcohol, smoker, lots of salt in the diet, lack of sleep, flights.

All of the above dehydrate the body...and a dehydrated body will use what moisture it has on vital organs etc first...unfortunately the skin, hair and nails come last.....hence if your body is dehydrated then so is your skin. Now here's the bit that most people don't know and this is why people assume they have oily/combination skin! If the skin isn't receiving enough moisture it will start to create its own lubrication to protect itself in the form guessed it..OIL!!!!

What you should not do to dehydrated skin:

Over cleanse and this skin type is confused with oily skin most people strip the skin to remove oil...this will only make the condition worse. Over stripping dehydrated skin can result in acne, skin bumps and breakouts that just wont go away. This skin will go into stress/survival mode when over stimulated and stripped so therefore will create even more oil to protect its self...more oil=more spots and even millia! I will so a separate post on millia as this is a real problem for most people!

What can you do to treat it:

Cleanse twice daily with a gentle foaming cleanser, make sure cleansers do not contain SLS (Sodium lauryl sulphate) these can be drying, this is also true for alcohol!

Exfoliate once a week...any more and the skin will come dependant and create more oil :O

Moisturise in the day with a light lotion, creams will often feel too heavy on the oilier zones of the face..i only really recommend creams for dry or sensitive skins

In the evening...this may seem backwards but the best thing to apply is face oil...clarins do one which i cannot rate highly enough...this oil treats the skin and it is to be used every night as a plumps the skin and skin drinks it up!!

Mask once a week to boost the skin and plump

Remember skin has to get worse before it gets better...if there is dirt deep down in the pores and you switch to a proper routine it has to come out somehow..please don't give up!!

Product recommendations:

I really hope this helps, i will do another skin type soon :) xx

skin types and how to analyze!

Ok so i was inspired to do this post after reading Bubblegarms blog :)
I have been a beauty therapist for a little over 4 years now and i suddenly realised that I haven't really used my knowledge to try and help with most of our biggest!!
If I had a pound for every woman I see that misdiagnoses their skin id be rich!! I think the general information out there for the general public is awful and terribly misleading...I mean it is thought that if your skin looks oily then you must be oily right? WRONG!!! Im going to do a series of posts to cover most skin types...i will explain the misconceptions with each skin symptom and give you tips to help treat it! I have worked with Clarins, Aveda, Environ and Elemis so I haven't been brand brainwashed in anyway..all these companies have the same theories on skin types so i hope i can help..stay tuned :) xx

Face and outfit of the night :)

So this was my outfit and face last night..just went for some yummy din dins and then to the cinema to see Saw VI, Hope you like :)


  • Mac studio tech nc37
  • Ysl touch eclat number 2
  • Nars laguna bronzer
  • Mac harmony blush


  • Mac paint pot bare study
  • Mac glamour check all over lid, then soften and smudge with a blending brush (looks scary at first lol)
  • Mac gold stroke pigment pressed on top of glamour check on inner half and onto apple of the eye
  • Mac carbon gently applied in the crease
  • Mac retrospeck blended up to brow bone as a highlight
  • Maybelline express khol, with mac carbon smudged along to set and soften the line
  • Mac zoom lash mascara


  • Mac close to real lippy
  • Clear gloss by clarins

This look requires lots of blending and looked gorgeous but my camera doesn't do it justice :(


Miss selfridge leggings

Newlook jumper dress..i have a new love for navy at the mo and i love the bead detail :)

The answer to clear skin?!

I'm going to be honest…i cant leave the house without make-up..sad but true..P

the funny thing is i don't even have bad skin…but i feel my skin looks dull and lifeless without foundation!


However today i went on a dog walk and shock horror i actually only popped on some mascara and lip gloss :O

For once my skin glowed on its own…amazing!

The only thing i can put it down to is an amazing product that I've been trialling for my salon…

The product range is called Environ..anyone heard of it? (i hadn't) the rep came in and showed us unbelievable pictures of peoples skin before and after..i was blown away and agreed to be the salon guinea pig :) I wanted to see if it would give my skin the glow i crave and get rid of the bumps on my forehead!

I have been using the Avst moisturiser for one month and all i can say is WOW! My skin glows, and i haven't had a breakout in ages…it must be the moisturiser as i haven't changed anything else in my regime! i really am amazed!

The product would of never enticed me if i hadn't seen the before and after pictures as the packaging is clinical and it smells awful…but this has taught me a lot! Never judge a book by its cover springs to mind


Now for the boring infor bit:

Environ is a south african company and here's what's in it that makes its smell so grim lol:

Retinyl Palmitate (A)
Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (C)
Vitamin E
Green Tea
Rooibos Tea
Honeybush Extract
Beta Carotene
Rosemary Leaf Extract

So this is me on my dog walk..with no foundation..amazing achievement for me lol!! Also another achievement..wearing ugg boots...i resisted them for sooo long as i think they make my feet look ugly but you know theyre very pratical for dog walks...even if i do look like a telletubbie!! x


Greetings bloggers..i come in peace :)


Yes i look like an alien :)

Its all in the name of beauty…just a quick review on the body shops seaweed mask!

After searching for the instructions for a good 10 mins..i discovered them by peeling back two layers of plastic on the tub..v confusing lol!! I know lots of people had a hard time finding them too!

Anyway..i cleansed and exfoliated (this is must before applying a enables the product to penetrate the skin, dead surface skin cells are a no-no!) then applied the mask.

When it first went on i will admit it stung a little..i was surprised as i certainly do not have sensitive skin! However this soon wore off and the mask began to harden…don't you just love pulling faces when this happens?

After washing it off i must say my blackheads on my nose looked noticeably clearer…and id say my pores definatly looked more refined. My skin felt super soft too…

I would definatly recommend this product to people with oily skins..I'm going to use this just on my tea zone from now on as i found it a little to stripping on the old cheeks!

anyone else share my love for this product??



Well technically it was last nights outfit but oh well :)

Top: Primark

Leggings: Miss selfridge

Shoes: Faith


Colour sensational review!

The products i get most excited about are lipsticks....i own so, so many i just love when i find new colours :)

One thing that i cant abide in lipsticks is a gorgeous colour but no lasting power and a dry feel on the lips :(....Some examples of this:
  • Mac the colour...dry as hell!!!
  • YSL frozen the colour, and texture...last less than 5 minutes on the lips!

So i was surprised to find the new maybelline lipsticks have both fantastic pigmentation and moisturising properties, super creamy(i think the honey nectar provide this)..I'm a very happy bunny! I also love the packaging, very sleek and to be proud of when applying!

Above are my two fave colours, Rose ambre which is a very wearable day pink and Coral pop which is super bright but i toned it down with concealer as a base..i love muchly :)


Maybelline have nailed it :)

So i knew there would be lots of maybelline posts, so i thought id crack straight on to the reviews......

Over the next week i will be choosing my faves to blog on..i will chose products i think are worthy of blogging and recommending....and i have to say even though i am a make up label snob i am SO surprised with some of the gems in my goody bag...maybelline have come up trumps!! I have around 6 fab things to share with you guys but for now i will start with the nail polish!!

First of all lets set the scene..I'm a beauty therapist and a self confessed snob when it comes to polishes....I USED to believe you get what you pay polish box is full of O.P.I, Jessica (the polish my salon stocks), Creative and Orly! I don't mean to be this way but when I've tried my friends cheaper polishes I've been appalled with the crappy thick brushes, which to be honest even i couldn't paint with (and i do that for a living :S)!! Also my friends nails are constantly chipped so it wasn't selling it for me lol!! But now i will eat my words because these polishes are amazing!

In my goody bag i received Midnight blue (my fave) and Cerise!

So half heartedly i painted them(v negative i know)..and wow the brush is very allows you to sweep around the base of your nail like professional brushes do. You can see from the picture the neatness the brush creates (i didn't make any mess :))

The colour pigmentation is also fab, i hate sheer thumbs up here!

Finally onto what the product stay put for 7 days...well i have stupidly bendy nails and already this varnish hasn't chipped after 2 this time i may add i have had a bath, washed my hair and done a full days work at the me my nails are normally chipped :( but to my amazement they are perfect! I must say i am actually speechless, I'm guessing the iron and calcium in the product helps the product stay put?! What ever it is it works!!

Last dried in 1 minute..OH MY GOSH!

They need to hurry up and make more shades because I'm seriously stocking, so glad i tried this!

Has anyone else tried these polishes??

New mac collection...well all 2 items of it :) x

Mondays are my day off work...seeing as i couldn't find any good swatches of the new mac collections i decided to head into cambridge for a proper look..rather than wasting my money mail ordering collections (lately all the lip colours ive ordered ive hated..not like the swatches at all)

So off i went and to be honest..i wasn't all that impressed..i don't like glitter pigments and i already have the best one in my opinion..Cocomotion! So in the end i got only 2 things...

  • Close to real lipstick
  • Young thing lipglass

and yes they are both nudes.....let me correct that...perrrrfect nudes!! I got 4 of the close to real lippys as it seriously gorgeous...and i love the lustre lipsticks...theyre moisturising which is nice in a nude..unlike myth which is super drying!

I apologise for the rubbish would not perform today lol!! Full face pic has lippy and gloss on..just lip pic has Close to real lipstick on its own! :)

I also had 12 items to return to back so i got two free lipsticks in Shy girl and an old favourite Hue!

I urge you guys to go see the collections as i found this collections swatches really misguided..I'm sick of ordering "nudes" and them being what i would class as browns!!

I also got lots of clothes at the weekend..i will be doing a post on that but for now i slipped in a pic of my fave dress i got from republic....I'm mad on navy at the mo..makes a nice change from black...still considering taking off the gold chain bit...cant decide if its a bit tacky..thoughts please!! But i just love the shape of the dress!!


Haul time! :)

So i went shopping to Harlow and got some know the days when you don't need anything but just buy things for the sake of it?? Yeah i was having one of those days lol..but none the less i got some lovely bits.....

Yankee candles: Black cherry and cherry blossom...i loooove cherries just as much as i love Yankee candles!! I have cherry limeade already and now i am proud to add these gorgeous scents to my collection of candles that look pretty but rarely get used lol!!

Cook books: Yep i was feeling hungry in matalan lol! The cadburry one is AMAZING!

Tigi goodies: Txmaxx jobbie...i get what ever i can know what its like lots of tigi but hardly any that match!! So i was lucky and these smell lush..kind of like austrailian aussie hair line! Also got the re-usable pink girly bag from matalan!

And finally...frilly pants....I'm obsessed with them! The mission: to have them in every colour..nearly there lol xx

Heros and villains comp! "Why so serious??"

So i am running out of time to do this on myself but i so, so wanted to enter..then i rememberd a few months ago i did a look of the Joker on my friend for my fancy dress party!

I was really happy with the results of this look...considering ive never done anything like this before and my friend has a real baby face (lol) i was shocked how good this looked on him:

For the night we sprayed his hair green too! I created this look using a product called rigid goes on wet and then dries crating a scared look...i lined this on his forehead...along the lips to make the famous scars and a bit under the eyes to add age to the look!

Then literally all i used were white, red and black clown paints. I then used black eyeliner to deepen the colour of the eyes. To make the look look not so perfect white i then flicked the face with create a sweaty,desheveled look!!

This look was great when put with the full costume and my friend kept licking his lips in the joker style tut tut lol!! xx


hi girls! Please support my new blog.... Im selling jewellery and any feeback would be soooooo welcome! cheers my dears xxxx

Treacle moon...

I'm a huge fan of Philosophy...the packaging, scents and the fact that the products actually work..however at nearly £20 a pop for a shower gel..its a bit steep!! Now i don't know how long treacle moon products have been at tescos but i only stumbled across them last month...all i can say is how naughty...they are almost identical to philosophy!!

Now naughty is always nice.....the price.....v cheap! The product range only has a few scents but wow they smell lush! If your a fan of coconut you'll love that one..super sweet! So i picked up the raspberry kiss shower gel and lemonade days scrub....I have used both and they smell great and leave a scent on your skin! All i can say is I'm converted..although i will miss my favourites..melon daiquiri and frozen lemon custard i just cannot justify spending sooooooo much when these little gems are soooo cheap!!

Have any of you guys tried treacle moon products?

My passion...and a favour from my American pals :)

This post is inspired by a post i read on Saskia's was a post that included a picture of my passion....cup cakes! Yes i am a true desperate housewife (although not married lol) i loooove baking! I just love how happy cupcakes and birthday cakes make people feel..i challenge anyone not to smile when you receive a cake made especially for you! :)I have touched on this passion before in a previous post but Saskia's post reminded me to update some of the cakes I've made and help any of you guys if you fancy giving it a whirl! So I've included some piccys and some books which i think actually help and more importantly..they're achievable designs etc!

If you guys like this kind of pot or want any help then let me know as i will do some more posts on cakes i make..when i get the magical gift of time to bake lol :)

Also another quick passion of choc..not just any hot choc lakes raspberry hot chocolate! It is my favourite drink evvvvver..has anyone tried this? OK now for the bad many other great things is only available in the i need a favour can any kind blogger from the US support my habit and maybe send me some...obviously i will pay for the goods or if you'd prefer i can send some English delights...things are getting desperate people I'm on my last cup...see evidence below!!

Yes this post is high in go brush your teeth before bed girls!

A few little faves :)

Hi everyone! So i have a new fave lip combo...unfortunately its a NYX one..and i cant get my mitts on it easily..once a year on hold i guess...but anywho i picked up these colours in Vegas and i love them together:

Orange soda lippy


Vintage sheer gloss

The beauty of the gloss is that its actually pigmented...most "nude" glosses come out waaaay too sheer for my liking..this is fab on its own as a nude lip but i love the hint of coral the orange soda adds!!

Also I'm loving Jessica's blushing princess nail polish..cute name huh?! We have had this colour in our salon for yonks but I've never played with it...but now this may become a must have of mine :)

And last but by no means least..i got a very cute warehouse dress from ASOS! The novelty of this colour will fade with my tan I'm usually a black dress girl xx

Tell me something tag...

1.What is your favourite item of clothing?
Dresses..i love feeling feminine
2. What are your biggest obsessions?
Animals, Make-up and shoes!
3. Who inspires you?
Mostly strangers..i look at people living up their time and lives to help the less fortunate and i admire them soooo much..also the people living in poverty who are truly grateful for the smallest of humbling :)
4. Who is your favourite designer and why?!
Valentino..the shoes are works of art!!!
5. What is your favourite song ever?
Im going to cheat here..i have a few..Otis Redding these arms of mine...Dolly Parton 9 til 5 and love station teardrops!
6. What is your favourite song right now?
Hmm I'm more of a olden oldie girl but i looove vv browns shark in the water!
7. If you were a sweetie what would you be?
Sherbet spaceships!
8. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet- what words would describe your rainbow?
Cherryade, Halloween pumpkin, Sherbet lemons, Fresh cut grass, Blue suede shoes, Hmm stuck with indigo lol, Parma violets!
9. What's your favourite film?
The notebook
10. Who's your favourite actor?
Johnny depp..not just for his looks i think he is a genius!
11. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?
Florida :)
12. What are your 3 favourite smells?
Anything cherry, Yankee candles clean linen, Jlo miami glow perfume
13. What are your 3 favourite tastes?
Turkish delight, cheese, Kfc fillet burger..naughty but nice :)
14. What is your most treasured possession?
My pooch phoebe
15. What did you always want to be/ do when you grew up?
A chocolate taster..i think i decided this after a trip to cadbury land!
16. If you were an ice-cream what flavour would you be?
Ferrero roche..i love it they only do it in Spain tho grrr!
17. If someone made a short film of your life, who would play you?
Jessica Alba please lol
18. What would your perfect afternoon consist of?
Going to the coast (sunny hunny or south end)..eating ice cream on a hot day!
19. If you were a flower, what would you be?
Cherry simple but beautiful...a much overlooked flower me thinks!
20.Tell me a random it your favourite line from a song, scene from a movie or quote from a book.....
I think this one best describes me "Champagne taste..lemonade money"
I tag you all as i loooove learning new things about my fellow blogets! x

Pink love :)

Lets set the I'm very bored on a Monday night and I'm searching the net for randomness...and then....i come across something that brings out both the grown up and inner child in me! I live at home with the parents and brother and i really should move out one day...hmmm but with what Ive found on the net i don't think I'm quite "mature" enough to go just yet...yes my friends i really would like to live in a house like this:

Am i completely insane or does anyone else find the idea of this adorable..i mean how could you ever be miserable living here? I thought Minnie mouses house in Disney was good but this takes the hello kitty shaped biscuit!!!

After finding this i decided to search more pink houses etc..yep i know very bored right?! And wow i loooove betsy johnsons pad..i love her fashion line and now her house! Maybe this is a more realistic and mature dream to have!!

Very random i know but i wanted to share some pink love tonight :)

Confessions of a shoe-a-holic

Help..I'm quickly turning into a shoe devil...ok so i suppose I've always been one..but this is now getting serious...I've moved into the world of..dum.dum.dum!!! DESIGNER SHOES!!!!!!

Ok let me start by saying shoes are my 'thing' one love item..the same as people love designer bags etc...for me shoes win it..they always fit you no matter what your weight and i truly believe the wrong shoes can make or break an outfit....for years i have lusted after GINA shoes...the glitz, the daintiness..i just wanted them..although my sensible mind has always said £300 plus is just silly for a pair of shoes that i doubt id dare wear in case i ruined them or lost a swarkovski lol!!

So why oh why am i now buying designer shoes...I'll tell you why...sales! They have convinced me im getting a deal and now im stuck with two gorgeous but ridiculously priced shosies...why do we do it here goes I'm sharing my guilt!

This first pair i got in the states..they're miu miu...i was enticed by the big red half price sign..i never knew i was heading straight into the designer section or nordstrom..yikes...the damage was done after trying them looking at the price second..i just had to have them..also my best friend sat there nodding saying "you have to they're a bargain"...what would you do lol?? Anyway they seriously are the most comfy shoes I've ever worn..despite being scarily high!

Were: $775

Sale: $300 ish i think lol..bargain??? what do you think?

Ok onto the next article...Dior..ive wanted these for soooooooooo long..however being so pricey i was living in a dream world..until...yep you guessed it these i do think are a bargain..i never in all my years imagined id own a pair of Dior sad as it seems i think i would save these babies in a fire...i love them so much and to me they are a bargain...although they didn't have a size seven so I'm going have to do some serious stretching to fit into these tiny 6's...any tips?
Were: £445

I really feel this is it more designer may seem over the top but the funny thing is i dress top to toe in primark,peacocks etc so i think these little gems will dress up any £4 dress lol!

Please comfort you guys have a splurge on one particular item??

Skin care and i love viva la juicy!

So when i was doing vids on YouTube i got lots of requests to see my skincare routine..well since im struggling keeping up with YouTube and a blog im going to post it here:

Day to day:

*One step water comfort cleaners by clarins..pop on a cotton pad..wipe..viola! A lazy girls best friend..i love this stuff..cleansing without water so there is no excuse :p

*Simple eye makeup remover

*Hydra quench lotion by clarins..i use this in the summer...much lighter than creams!

*Hydra quench cream gel...i use this in the winter..thicker and more conditioning

*Doux me aromatherapy cream..this is my night time cream i love the scent its a signal for sleep for friend works for this company so i get salon size :)

Treats (not as often as i should):

*One step gentle exfo by clarins..smells of orange...try and use it in the shower as it foams twice a week

*Clarins blue orchid oil..for my dehydrated skin i put this under a mask to boost my skins hydration..great the day after a night on the tiles :)

*Clarins Hydra care don't have to wash this baby off just soaks straight in lol...but i remove it i don't like to feel anything on my skin!

So yeah that's it...i stick to what i know as i work with Clarins product and i select what i think is the cream of the crop..any skin care q's ask away..put my training to good use xx

Also i have to add....i love the perfume viva la juicy...the bottle, the scent..yep!

FOTD :) plus some little lovies x

Yep a face of the day...enjoy :)

On my face are the usual suspects that i wear for all my looks with the addition of e.l.f persimmon shimmer stick on brows and nose!


*Mac naked lunch all over lid

*Nars mykonos applied with pinkie to outer half

*E.L.F persimmon stick on inner c's

*Clarins chocolate brown liquid liner pen...such an easy way to apply liquid btw!!

*Mac zoom lash...sorry for the clumps i reapplied mascara on top of todays old crusty stuff yummy!

On my lippies im wearing Macs creme d'nude....such an easy look but i had to show how lush NARS mykonos is...i heart it muchly!!

Also today i picked up some uber cute mini dry batiste shampoos....i have the huuuge size but these are fabby for the handbag..go get um!!

And i cannot stop listening to V V Browns 'shark in the water' song....does anyone else love love this tune?? xx

New hair colour

I think i have finally found my fave hair colour ever.....i use prof colours on my hair as i think they give off more shine and are better quality! I have searched for a dark brown with gold but no red for sooooooooooooooooooo long now and i think majjirel 4.3 may be it..yes its very dark but i loooove it..what do you think? xxx

Body shop review part 1....

Ok so i was very lucky to be sent some goodies to test out from the body shop! I have a few things to review so this is part one...exfoliators!!

I should start by saying my skin is combination..i get an oily t zone and normal cheeks!

I was sent 2...vitamin c micro refiner and aloe gentle exfoliator...after using them both for a 2 week period each here's what i think....

Vitamin c micro refiner:

*RRP: £12.20 for 75ml

*Contains antioxidant vitamin c, Shea butter and silica crystals

I love the citrus scent of this product..i always find that if a product smells lush I'm more likely to use it on a regular basis! However i imagined that the small silica crystals would be gentle..i was wrong..i find this exfoliator too harsh for my skin! I found i didn't want to rub much at all as it was very powerful! The citrus vitamin c did clear up all of my oil though and my skin felt and looked very matte and refined! All in all i would say sensitive skins stay recommend this to someone with crazy dry skin that can take the strength of this exfoliator! Also i think this product is a little pricey for an exfoliator!

Aloe gentle exfoliator:

*RRP £7.30 for 75ml

*Contains aloe, jojoba beads and glycerin for hydration...yes please :)

I prefer this exfoliator hands down..gentle yet effective!! Ok so it doesn't smell as nice but that's due to it being a sensitive product im guessing! Im crazy on aloe..i really do believe it is the best ingredient for healing and boosting skins hydration levels...its the only moisturiser i take on holiday as i think its the kindest thing to use on sensitive skin! Aloe is normally expensive so i am pleased with the price of this product..very reasonable! I definitely will be buying this as it did its job and i feel it is kind to my skin :)


Face of the day...p.s phoebe wanted to show you her eye make up too (hmmm she has weepy eyes at the mo lol..kinda smoky eyed look)


*Mac bare study eye base

*Mac dazzleray pigment on lids

*Mac texture on crease using 217 brush

*Mac mulch on outer lids using 217 again

*Mac sharkskin shadestick as liner and then mulch smudged over it with 219 brush

*Mac zoom lash

Face and lips:

*NC 37 studio tech

*Hoola bronzer

*Mac harmony blush

*Mac creme d nude lippy

*Mac lipglass cioa manhatten..i think this is discontinued :(

Sharing some love!

Ok so im sure this has been a past which i ashamedly haven't done...but today i feel in a sharing mood :) I have found so many GREAT blogs through tags like this that i thought i would spread some blogging joy!!! Ok so this girly is new to blogging..i found her through zoella...i can tell im gooing to loveher blog as i love her style and photography..i love the way her blog is set out and i will look forward to reading more :) I have found someone who loves cupcakes as much as me...we both love cuppy earrings!! Trisha always finds time to comment on my blog and i love having american blog friends too! I know most people know bubblegarm but since she has been blogging i log on just to read her posts sometimes..i love her style and i love the fact that despite being amazingly stunning she isnt the slightest bit snobby or full of herself..a rare find lol! Again hele has loooots of subbies but some people may not have found this gem of a blog yet....she has the most perfect skin its not fair...i love her reviews on ysl and lots of nail posts which is fab so you can see the colours before you go buy :) I love her makeup skills....she has a youtube site too..amazing talent! again beautiful skin...such a sweet girl..we chat about our small dogs hehe! i love her figure...which makes all of her outfits of the day look fabby!! The post on siron the fox was my fave blog piece ever..seriously...made me smile :) I'm sure everyone subs to laura..but seriously how she finds time to blog and youtube with her job is amazing..true passion lol!! Again shes stunning but isnt stuck up!! I love this girl..shes a real sweetheart who is much stronger than she knows :) we love doggies too lol! The fact that her son looks like the milky bar kid is just amazingly cute! stunning...i love seeing what makeup she gets as we have similar colouring..copycat hehe! LOVE her vids on you sweet and such a lady! :) My fave youtube guru...such a stunning girl and so lovely with her chihuahuas too! I share her love for tan shoes :) How she manages to look so good with a little one is amazing...also her alter ego for a recent contest had me in stitches! I love her creativity..i love her face of the days and just her general writing love love! I think we started our blogs around about the same time..shes been so helpful..such a genuine, down to earth girly..also she blogs about heartfelt and deep issues which are soooooooo refreshing xxx

Sorry if i haven't mentioned some of you guys but these are just a few that i follow that spring to mind...i truly love reading the above and i did this so you can all go check them out :) I love all the blogs i follow so sorry if ive missed people mwah xxx

Honest scrap!

i was tagged by missglamtan and greta...thanks girlies...basically a tag to let you know some random facts lol!!

*I have a habit of taking on too much and getting myself stressed....i always take on new hobbies and challenges and then it gets all too much making jewellery, cakes, party planning for people..why do i get myself into these things ha!

*Im super organised..I'm the friend who everyone expects to have organised taxis, leaving times etc lol!

*I don't believe in any one religion..i take lots of different life mantras from each!

*I believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason

*It is a running feeling amongst my friends that i have a 6th sense..i predict things that happen and mostly they do and also i am extreeeeeeemly lucky with chance things! It freaky honest!

*I always want to come and meet my fellow bloggers at the events but i have soooooooooo much on my plate with work and number one on this list lol that i never get to!

*My dad is adopted and i would love to find my real grandad :( but its mission impossible!

*I read books far too quickly for my own good!

*I'm a closet geek..i love pub quizzes..mastermind (Junior edition..not that smart ppl)..course work and learning in general hehe!

*I have a hard time throwing things away..i attach memories to objects!

*In truth i have size 7ish feet but i convince myself into buying size 6s and wonder why im crippled lol! why do we do this?

*Im still scared of the dark..yes laugh your socks off hehe!

So most ppl have already done this so no need for tags lol!

Tear jerkers tag!

Ok so despite being stupidly actually a tough cookie..i really struggled to think of five films that have brought a tear to my if these suckers make me cry..they must be good lol!

The notebook: This is by far my favorite was the first film that got me crying in a cinema..beautiful story and so, so romantic...why cant men in this lifetime be like Noah?? x

My sisters keeper: Oh my god the first film where i cried the whole way through and not just at the, so sad. They show you far more than i ever thought they would...left me feeling really humble...even men were crying to this one..please go and see it..i think the girls deserve an Oscar they were so likable and believable!

The green mile: Hmm I've just realised that the top 3 are all books too...interesting! Yep this film is on most peoples could they kill john coffee..oh and little Mr jingles..bless xx

Watership down: Told you i don't cry much at films so now I'm really scraping the barrel and going back to my childhood.....i still cant listen to the song "bright eyes" without getting teary eyed...i think my love of animals came into this one ha..i still cry if anyone hits a bunny in a car..sad lol!

The pursuit of happiness: I watched this on a plane to America and me and my friend were in floods..theres something about men crying that sets even me off..fab film!

help x

can everyone see my blog..ive changed my blog back to the original name x

More u.s.a haulage!

Ok now for some make.up haulage from the good ol u.s.a!

I have to say i went crazy in sephora...i spent farrrr too much..but at the time i was in the mind set of "you cant get this in the uk" hmmmm dangerous moto me thinks! Anyways they have so many fun palettes....lush shadow colours and best of all its all cheaper than the this is part one or the sephora splurge:

Kat von d eyeshadow palette, lorac palete, nars lola lola, nars mykonos cream shadow, Ysl frozen mango lippy:

i swatched my two faves from the Kat Von palette i love how unusual the green is :) the look of the palette is also lovely...great pigmentation and very fallout! However brushes in this kit are useless!

this is the lorac palette..i must admit i find the packaging horrid..looks like an old ladies going out bag if you ask me but i love the colours...although they are similar to the Kat Von d one ooops! The brush in this one is much better!

Nars lola lola and cream shadow mykonos...the hype of lola lola is correct...fab unusual colour i loves it! However i must say i love myknonos much, much more...i never use cream shadows but this colour id its just sooooo simple to use..i just swipe it with my finger on top of macs naked lunch and voila! Below are swatches of them both plus frozen mango lippy which i love..i just wish it would be more pigmented for the money and stay on my lips longer :( xx