A few little faves :)

Hi everyone! So i have a new fave lip combo...unfortunately its a NYX one..and i cant get my mitts on it easily..once a year on hold i guess...but anywho i picked up these colours in Vegas and i love them together:

Orange soda lippy


Vintage sheer gloss

The beauty of the gloss is that its actually pigmented...most "nude" glosses come out waaaay too sheer for my liking..this is fab on its own as a nude lip but i love the hint of coral the orange soda adds!!

Also I'm loving Jessica's blushing princess nail polish..cute name huh?! We have had this colour in our salon for yonks but I've never played with it...but now this may become a must have of mine :)

And last but by no means least..i got a very cute warehouse dress from ASOS! The novelty of this colour will fade with my tan lol..as I'm usually a black dress girl xx


  1. I can get you NYX Tiffany!!xx

  2. Gorgeous! I love your tan, and the colour of the dress really suits you.xxx

  3. Ooo, nice! You have great taste! Love that dress! It looks really good on you :)

  4. Tiff - is there anywhere around here that we can buy NYX products?! I keep seeing people using some really nice NYX lip products but just dont know where to get them, believe it or not Eaden Lilley used to have a stand as i got some eye shadows but i dont think they do anymore! x

  5. ohh your dress is really pretty! the colour suits you! what tan do you use? the blushing princess is really popular in our salon aswell :)

  6. That lip combo looks great on you! The dress is very cute :)

  7. thanks girlies your so kind :)

    @papmpered pout: My tan is natural just got back from 3 days in spain :) but i only ever use st.tropez..its closest to the colour in the pic! Ah a fellow beauty therapist me likey!

    @sweetchie..sarah i kno at xmas i got lotsa sale bits..holly who commented said she can get stuff..go to her profile and she has a makeup merchant site. I got some NYX from cherryculture.com..uber cheap u just wait ages for postage..and its xpensive postage as its from america!

    @holly...angel....where do u get it from hun? xx i shall let u know when supplies are low lol xx

  8. haha that will explain why it looks so au natural! lol yea another therapist :D best job in the world i say ha... thank you for following me aswell :) x

  9. Hiya

    I just have to tell you about this site!!!
    And they have both of the above colours Vintage Sher and Orange Soda in stock.
    I have placed an order already.
    Ohh excited to get my delivery and the shipping is only $9.99.

  10. hiya
    im lisa i left tha bove comment - signed in with my google instead of hotmail account.
    Just wanted to amek sure you got my comment about nonpareilboutique.com
    I have just placed an order and the shippy for international to UK is only $9.99 and my order is way over $30.00 at the moment so i think thats reasonable,
    Hope that you get time to check the site out - i had difficulty in fnding a UK supplier of NYX.