Honest scrap!

i was tagged by missglamtan and greta...thanks girlies...basically a tag to let you know some random facts lol!!

*I have a habit of taking on too much and getting myself stressed....i always take on new hobbies and challenges and then it gets all too much lol..eg: making jewellery, cakes, party planning for people..why do i get myself into these things ha!

*Im super organised..I'm the friend who everyone expects to have organised taxis, leaving times etc lol!

*I don't believe in any one religion..i take lots of different life mantras from each!

*I believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason

*It is a running feeling amongst my friends that i have a 6th sense..i predict things that happen and mostly they do and also i am extreeeeeeemly lucky with chance things! It freaky honest!

*I always want to come and meet my fellow bloggers at the events but i have soooooooooo much on my plate with work and number one on this list lol that i never get to!

*My dad is adopted and i would love to find my real grandad :( but its mission impossible!

*I read books far too quickly for my own good!

*I'm a closet geek..i love pub quizzes..mastermind (Junior edition..not that smart ppl)..course work and learning in general hehe!

*I have a hard time throwing things away..i attach memories to objects!

*In truth i have size 7ish feet but i convince myself into buying size 6s and wonder why im crippled lol! why do we do this?

*Im still scared of the dark..yes laugh your socks off hehe!

So most ppl have already done this so no need for tags lol!


  1. I'm scared of the dark too, youre not alone! I still sleep with my landing light on and my bedroom door cracked open haha xx

  2. awww i do that too with memories with things i did it with clothes but i think im finally learning to throw things away!! i have so many trinkets etc that remind me of differnt things that other people would think of as junk lol. and regards to the feet think im a size 8 but really try to convince myself and my feet that they are actually a size 7!! lol
    great blog
    Lu x