Skin care and i love viva la juicy!

So when i was doing vids on YouTube i got lots of requests to see my skincare routine..well since im struggling keeping up with YouTube and a blog im going to post it here:

Day to day:

*One step water comfort cleaners by clarins..pop on a cotton pad..wipe..viola! A lazy girls best friend..i love this stuff..cleansing without water so there is no excuse :p

*Simple eye makeup remover

*Hydra quench lotion by clarins..i use this in the summer...much lighter than creams!

*Hydra quench cream gel...i use this in the winter..thicker and more conditioning

*Doux me aromatherapy cream..this is my night time cream i love the scent its a signal for sleep for friend works for this company so i get salon size :)

Treats (not as often as i should):

*One step gentle exfo by clarins..smells of orange...try and use it in the shower as it foams twice a week

*Clarins blue orchid oil..for my dehydrated skin i put this under a mask to boost my skins hydration..great the day after a night on the tiles :)

*Clarins Hydra care don't have to wash this baby off just soaks straight in lol...but i remove it i don't like to feel anything on my skin!

So yeah that's it...i stick to what i know as i work with Clarins product and i select what i think is the cream of the crop..any skin care q's ask away..put my training to good use xx

Also i have to add....i love the perfume viva la juicy...the bottle, the scent..yep!


  1. I want that perfume, mostly for the cute pink bow :)

  2. Great list of beauty and skin care products. Love that perfume too.

  3. i love viva la juicy!!!! its def in my top 3 perfumes! along with daisy by Marc Jacobs and princess by Vera Wang! yum yum!
    Also a big fan of the simple range.. its so gentle!!! :) xx