Cherry on top!

Dont you just love it when you discover a new blog, and the girl behind it is just so on your wave length?? Well im so glad darling heart nominated me for this award as now im hooked to her blog yay!!

The rules:

1. Thank the person that gave this to you :) Go on, give them a virtual hug!
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3. List 3 things you love about yourself ♥
4. Post a picture you love (e.g a person you adore etc.)
5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to :)

Three things I love about me :)

  • My ethnicity: I love being a mongrel lol!!! My dad is half swedish, half sri lanken! I love this, not only does it give me a killer tan in the summer i feel a little more unique and exotic (maybe im kidding myself lol)
  • My hair: this is kind of my security blanket..i love having long hair i feel so feminine, and after 7 years of growing it i should damn well love it!
  • Im the most loyal person you will ever meet, which in turn i feel makes me a pretty fab friend! I am very reliable and give everything..but this is not always great as in the past people have taken advantage of this quality :(
Photos that i love:

I cheated here....i couldnt narrow it to one so here are my faves and the reasons why..notice theyre all in America xx

I look such a gimp but i love animals and this was just magic for me, they seemed to love my long hair (think they thought it was worms :s)

Ahhhh minnies house, need i say more, my dream house!!

Are you going to think im a loser if i say i was a tad starstruck at meeting this dog lol (max from the grinch)
I was so happy, he was the biggest star i met on my L.A holiday haha!

I nominate:

Holly: Yummymummy
Victoria: lilyloveslola
Nicola: nicolavc86
Zara: mouldyfruit
Lauren: laurensdressingroom



Hmmm im back on youtube.....blogger didnt do my vid any justice, so go subscribe people..make my day

Loves and hates x


Finding old songs: when i was sorting out my car to sell i found tonnes of cds...before the days of ipods!! Couldn't resist listening to are a few i completely forgot i loved..Sophia literally makes me feel so goose pimply i love her voice!! I also love memories attached to it:)

Looking after my hair: Effort of applying masks, leaving conditioner on for more than 30 secs has really paid off, my ends look much better!!

Finally selling my car: Its nice to have that weight off my shoulders, its nice that i can now start looking to buy a new one that hopefully wont be another dud lol :)
My brother: Haha not in too much of a mean way..but he has a little obsession of getting his saw mask and jumping out on me..hes 21 just to stress how weird this is lol..heart attack soon me thinks! Why do men love scaring us girls??

Politics: Yes its important to vote, but do any of them ever deliver what they promise?hmmmm?!

Right im off...mainly to check if my brother is hiding in my cupboard etc lol!!


Blog sale

You know the rules...first come first served..payment: paypal only. Leave your email for paypal in comment box :)
Postage: Uk: £1.00
Everywhere else: £5.00

Mac trip cool eyes and lip palette: Never used, brand new in box, from the airport!!

Colours: Oyster girl gloss, angel lippy. Seedy pearl, crystal and nightrail eyeshadows!

Mac frozen dream lipglass, brand new in box, never used!


Mac petit four lipglass, this is from usa, not sure wether you can get this anymore?Never used, mac sign rubbed off slightly..why do they do this grrr!


Mac hello kitty mimmy, used once.


Mac patisserie lippy, used once.


Mac pleasureseeker lippy, used twice max!


Mac tester lippy ravishing, used once!



Kerastase hair masque review :)

I'm going on holiday in less than a month, and given how long and thick my hair is i thought id better start prepping it for the sizzling sun! Because of the length of my hair and the colours I've applied over the years, its quite damaged and brittle at the ends! It can often feel waxy and rough at the ends so it was time to take action!

 So i went to my salon and had a treatment, they shampooed my hair and then left the masque on for 30 mins. I was so impressed i bought a tub of kerastatse nutritive, the smell (which i think smells like fresh stayed in my hair all day and night, a few friends at dinner asked about my perfume and it was actually my hair they could smell! My hair felt so silky, bouncy and not at all weighed down and limp.

Since then i have deep conditioned it every two weeks, i wash my hair and then towel dry it..this is important as wet hair means the hair cuticle is flooded with water so it cannot absorb any product until slightly dried! Then i slap on the good stuff from my chin down through to the ends and pop in a bun....then i grab a sexy shower cap and let the heat from my head help the product absorb! I tend to leave this on for hours, the longer the better in my opinion, as i like the scent to last! I may look like a deli worker, but my hair loves me for it :)

Now i know hair masques can be expensive, this one cost me £23 (cheaper online tho :)) but i have tried budget masques and they just do not compare. For one the scent does not last in the hair, and they left my hair limp  :( I tried the superdrug coconut and henna ones, and seriously, yes they're cheap but its an utter waste of money for someone with hair like mine who needs expensive nutrients and minerals (it contains glucose, proteins and lipids) to repair the my advice is spend a little extra and you wont regret it!! 

Has anyone tried this masque? Or do you have any other faves from the kerastase range? 

Loves and hates


Gu chocolate banoffee pots: Banoffee is by far my favourite desert, and its my pudding speciality when i throw dinner parties!! So im slightly addicted to these little pots of joy, they're quite pricey normally but in tescos they're £2 at the moment for go treat yourself..also they come in cute little glass pots (I'm guessing this is why they are so expensive) which im going to re-use to make mini banoffees :) how very come dine with me esque lol!!
haha look at pheebs lusting lol!

Come dine with me/coach trip: I love these shows, I've bracketed these together as they're equally as geekish..i love the narrator and when things go wrong in come dine with me, plus i love having a snoop at peoples homes!! And Brendan is the best tour guide like....ever lol..i want to go on coach trip lol!! The funny thing is..i used to watch both of these shows years ago and my friends used to rip me for these shows have become cults lol!!

MAC hue: Nothing new here but god i love this lippy, been wearing it non-stop!

Vlogs: I love these..mainly due to the fact that i am a nosey parker...i cant get enough of glossgoss' im hooked lol, and she always shows yummy food and makes me hungry!


Stress: With all the interviews Ive been having I'm so stressed, it really does effect everything, hair, skin and the way i react to other people (been a right snap dragon) i hate it go away soon please lol!



Its no secret i love Jessica polishes, I've worked with them for five years and really cannot fault them.  The colour range is phenomenal, along with OPI it provides by far the best choice of colours. It dries ridiculously quick, but doesn't drag and the brush for me provides perfect movement to sweep around the a good'n lol!
However I'm usually into my plums, chocs and raspberries! The only light colour I've even gone back to time after time is "tutti frutti" Pinks usually leave my hands looking ashy and lifeless, but tutti has a coral tinge to it with gold shimmer running through it to warm it up :)
I really recommend this colour if you suit gold jewellery...warm tones basically...I've used it on cooler tones countless times and it doesn't work so well. I really couldn't get a good picture to do this justice, it really is such and unusual colour..I've never seen anything like it and wanted to share the love :)
Anyone tried this colour, and do you share my passion for Jessica?

Cloud 9 :)

For a long time now..things have been do i put this....tits up for me lol!! Nothing has been easy, i know in comparison my problems are a mere scratch when it come to real problems, but you know what its like when everything is just going so wrong and all you want is a tiny bit of luck!
Firstly I couldn't afford to run my huge engine car anymore so i popped it on auto trader...two days later the clutch i ended up having to let it sell for peanuts :(
Then my best friend of 14 years goes travelling :(
And finally, they say it happens in threes i blogged before..i left my job at a salon to work as an estate agent with the promise of better hours so i could concentrate on my makeup..putting myself on courses and doing lots of wedding makeups with my free weekends! Well, that was an absolute disaster...9-7 no lunch, no contract, horrible boss and out trying to sell a property on my own on the second day...joke right. Id hoped that job would provide me with lots of confidence etc but in reality it was making me less confident as i was left to deal with things i had no idea about which made me feel stupid...i was promised adequate training also..boy do estate agents lie lol!!
Well anyway since then I've been doing freelance work for a studio near me and just general bits and bobs to ensure bills are paid etc! Then here's where fate steps in....I'm a huge believer in fate and i truly believe no matter what the situation..all things happen for a reason, we may not realise the relevance of the lesson at the time..but one day you'll be thankful for all that went wrong as it led you to good places in life!
So i went to MAC to get my back to MAC (remember I'm unemployed, this was the only way to get a free fix lol) and every time i go in i do the same...ask if any jobs are going and what courses they would recommend...and it turned out i was chatting to the manageress..who noticed i had a pro card and asked what part of the industry i was in etc...We got chatting about the makeup i do for photo shoots and she seemed very impressed and then passed me a receipt with a link on it..she told me to go to the site and said id be perfect for the assistant managers role. Me being me with no confidence, thought id never get through the phone interview..but i did :) Today i had my verbal interview, and then when i got home an hour later i had a note from my excited mum telling me to call mac back...i have my practical interview i am practically over the moon...i know i shouldn't get so excited as the job is by no means mine yet, but its so hard not to, this is my dream job...i think id cry if i got it..and trust me I'm not a cry baby lol! So just wanted to share my excitement..and if i don't get the job..i guess that's fate again..but things seem to be looking up for me now, happy days :)

Have any of you girlie's interviewed for mac..if so let me know if i am getting over excited or if the job is almost mine?!!

Small haulage!

I popped to Cambridge on Sunday to get some flip is it me but are there no nice flip flops...well correction there are some lovely ones in accessorize if you don't mind forking out £45..jeeez!! I don't like the ankle strap ones as i feel they make my legs look even thicker than they already are..i just want some bronze/gold thong leather ones...impossible lol! Well anyway..disappointed with the selection i ended up buying 2 cheap pairs for round the pool in primark..and then i came back with loads of stuff i really didn't need...why oh why do we do this lol?!!

Orange sherbet stripey top...river island, this looks so cute with leggings, heels and a cardy,makes me look super tanned too!!
Floral primark top! I love that this is long enough to wear with leggings..i live in leggings if you couldn't tell already lol!
 Mink ruffle top: Topshop! This is sooooo super soft, makes me feel super feminine. I also got the peach/nude cardi from topshop too! I just love all of the nudes and peaches around at the mo!

Also guys and dolls let me know what you think of my new layout etc i love it but im still unsure if its a bit too fussy?!!
Hope your having a lovely bank hol! :)