Loves and hates


Gu chocolate banoffee pots: Banoffee is by far my favourite desert, and its my pudding speciality when i throw dinner parties!! So im slightly addicted to these little pots of joy, they're quite pricey normally but in tescos they're £2 at the moment for go treat yourself..also they come in cute little glass pots (I'm guessing this is why they are so expensive) which im going to re-use to make mini banoffees :) how very come dine with me esque lol!!
haha look at pheebs lusting lol!

Come dine with me/coach trip: I love these shows, I've bracketed these together as they're equally as geekish..i love the narrator and when things go wrong in come dine with me, plus i love having a snoop at peoples homes!! And Brendan is the best tour guide like....ever lol..i want to go on coach trip lol!! The funny thing is..i used to watch both of these shows years ago and my friends used to rip me for these shows have become cults lol!!

MAC hue: Nothing new here but god i love this lippy, been wearing it non-stop!

Vlogs: I love these..mainly due to the fact that i am a nosey parker...i cant get enough of glossgoss' im hooked lol, and she always shows yummy food and makes me hungry!


Stress: With all the interviews Ive been having I'm so stressed, it really does effect everything, hair, skin and the way i react to other people (been a right snap dragon) i hate it go away soon please lol!


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  1. oh these look yum yum yummy! :)
    tesco here i come!
    oh and pheebs is adorable!!