dove hair minimising review!!

The lovely jaz contacted me to do a trial for the new dove anti-perspirant deodorant that is said to leave underarms feeling hair free for longer!! It may seem that I've been lazy in doing this review but my idea was to give it a 4 week trial to really see any results..this way i thought the product would get a fair review!!

Ok so before i used this product i did take the plunge and grew my under arms..and then took pics!!! My plan was to then shave..thank god....and then use the dove and take pics a few weeks after......however i have not seen enough of a hair difference to warrant putting the nasty pics up lol!!

So although for me (i must say i have strong critters under my arms lol) i did not see any less hair i must say the scent is lush and my skin under the arm was much...much smoother! The hairs are also softer! I usually use mitchum roll on as i do suffer with nervous sweats lol and my job is physical so i have found mitchum is a trusted faithful!! For me the dove did not provide enough protection against sweating but this may be due to my physical job?!

So my advice...give it a whirl...if nothing else soft skin and smelling lush is a definite!! xxx

H&M hauling!

Hi everyone!!

So i after weeks of busyness with cake making and what not i was ready to get back to blogging and making YouTube vids!!! However I'm truly peed off wisdom teeth have decided to make an the form of hamster cheeks!! i seriously never thought they could be so painful...well anyways i have had infection after infection and the earliest i can get an appointment for them out is may during this time i cant do any vids as it even hurts to talk sometimes!! Another bummer is that its my bday weekend this week and I'm on antibiotics..great! I'm crapping myself as i have a huuuuge fear of needles and i have to be asleep during the op...I'm stressing before i go on to haul has anyone had all 4 wisdom's out...if so tell tell..i want to know what to expect lol!! I'm a bit hello kitty mad...have been way before the whole MAC trend!! I wasn't too crazy about the hello kitty for MAC but i love the stuff H&M here's what i got on a recent trip...

I thought the bags and fragrance would be fab for my hols in June...well this is how i justified it to myself!! the eyeshadow is fab for pigmentation and is a great all over colour wash!! The bronzer again is fab but I'm keeping this for hols and its a bit crazy for daytime over here lol, but i can imagine It with a tan looking fabbbb!!

I also got an amazing pink/purple maxi dress...I've never tried a maxi dress as i thought it would flatter me, but i can honestly say they suit my shape soooooooo me i never like my figure but i think maxis could be the way to go lol!! i will post pics of the dress up in June...i plan to do a whole blog on my hols so no doubt i will wear the dress to death!!!

anyways my honeys speak soon xxxxx

Hair bear x

i didn't have time to annotate each one but i loved looking at all yours and i hope u like mine!! i don't have many teen pics partly due to the fact that i never used to get piccys developed lol! i haven't changed styles too much but colours a few times!! The last one is of me now..darkest ive ever been..let me kno if u think light or dark brown is thinking of changing xx

Haul time x

hey hunnies!!

Sorry ive been so busy as of late..been super busy making cakes for people!! when i get a good selection of pics ill post them to show you what ive been up to!!

Anyway...back to make up...

little haul time!! i know people must be sick of hello kitty but i only got 2 items so i wont bore you for long!! i got cutester lippy and mimmy lipglass...I'm obsessed with hello kitty but not overly impressed with this Ive said before I'm holding out for sugar sweet and warrior my style and a fab new and exciting colour range me thinks!!

alongside kitty stuff i got number 32 lashes...i searched for a long time to find natural but defining lashes and these fit the bill for me i love them and always come back to them!! i also got lippys in snob which i love and blankety which is sooo going back..far too brown!!

aside from mac i got this new gloss in number 2....the pic doesn't do it justice..its amazing on..and so it should be for £19 a pop!! my new love is ysl....even though it comes with a hefty price tag!! mucho love!! xx

p.s: sorry for lack of swatches...but you guys have seen the hello kitty collection way too much to be interested lol xx

My goodness all these goodies!!

OK so I've been dormant for a while but I'm back with a haul:::

*NYX black eyeliner x2

*Free cherry roll on lipgloss...which smells lush!

*NYX pigments in black,mink and fanta

*NYX lipgloss and lip liner in natural...not keen on these too brown for my liking

*NYX lippys in vitamin and orange soda

*NYX shadows in tropical, peaches and beauty these...texture is fab and colours sooooo unusual x
Also i ordered some mac:
*Sculpt foundation in NC 37
*Eye shadows in henna,french cuff and texture
*15 slot palette
I didn't swatch the bbr mac shadows as soooooooo many people are on top of this now!! not crazy about the hello kitty colours altho i loooove the concept...same with the dame edna waiting for sugar sweet and warrior collection!!!