Haul time x

hey hunnies!!

Sorry ive been so busy as of late..been super busy making cakes for people!! when i get a good selection of pics ill post them to show you what ive been up to!!

Anyway...back to make up...

little haul time!! i know people must be sick of hello kitty but i only got 2 items so i wont bore you for long!! i got cutester lippy and mimmy lipglass...I'm obsessed with hello kitty but not overly impressed with this collection...like Ive said before I'm holding out for sugar sweet and warrior collection...so my style and a fab new and exciting colour range me thinks!!

alongside kitty stuff i got number 32 lashes...i searched for a long time to find natural but defining lashes and these fit the bill for me i love them and always come back to them!! i also got lippys in snob which i love and blankety which is sooo going back..far too brown!!

aside from mac i got this new gloss in number 2....the pic doesn't do it justice..its amazing on..and so it should be for £19 a pop!! my new love is ysl....even though it comes with a hefty price tag!! mucho love!! xx

p.s: sorry for lack of swatches...but you guys have seen the hello kitty collection way too much to be interested lol xx


  1. Thank god you're back...I have missed your pretty face! x x x

  2. I always look forward to your posts. That gloss looks so pretty.

  3. I'm with you on YSL. I really want to get that number 2 gloss. And Rouge Volupte Number 1. Sooooo gorgeous. Great to hear from you hunni

  4. Oh, please please post pics of your cakes! I love those cakes that you make! I would like to be able to make cakes like those myself. Did you take classes or were you home taught?