My goodness all these goodies!!

OK so I've been dormant for a while but I'm back with a haul:::

*NYX black eyeliner x2

*Free cherry roll on lipgloss...which smells lush!

*NYX pigments in black,mink and fanta

*NYX lipgloss and lip liner in natural...not keen on these too brown for my liking

*NYX lippys in vitamin and orange soda

*NYX shadows in tropical, peaches and beauty these...texture is fab and colours sooooo unusual x
Also i ordered some mac:
*Sculpt foundation in NC 37
*Eye shadows in henna,french cuff and texture
*15 slot palette
I didn't swatch the bbr mac shadows as soooooooo many people are on top of this now!! not crazy about the hello kitty colours altho i loooove the concept...same with the dame edna waiting for sugar sweet and warrior collection!!!


  1. Yeah Sugarsweet will be amazing. Perfect Topping MSF for moi

  2. Tiffanyyyyy i've missed your blogs! :) Thats exactly what i said about the nyx natural lipgloss, way too brown! What's vitamin and orange soda like? Those are on my list to buy! xx

  3. What a GREAT haul, everything looks lush!! Plus im loving the sound of that Cherry Roll On Lippy! <3 <3

  4. What a GREAT haul! Everything looks lush! Plus im loving the sound of that Cherry Lippy!!


  5. woo hoo you're back! I can't wait for the sugarsweet collection!

  6. You have been busy! i have ordered some of the Hello Kitty collection so will keep you posted! xxxx