H&M hauling!

Hi everyone!!

So i after weeks of busyness with cake making and what not i was ready to get back to blogging and making YouTube vids!!! However I'm truly peed off lol...my wisdom teeth have decided to make an appearance....in the form of hamster cheeks!! i seriously never thought they could be so painful...well anyways i have had infection after infection and the earliest i can get an appointment for them out is may eeeeeeekkkk...so during this time i cant do any vids as it even hurts to talk sometimes!! Another bummer is that its my bday weekend this week and I'm on antibiotics..great! I'm crapping myself as i have a huuuuge fear of needles and i have to be asleep during the op...I'm stressing already...so before i go on to haul has anyone had all 4 wisdom's out...if so tell tell..i want to know what to expect lol!!

Anyways...........so I'm a bit hello kitty mad...have been way before the whole MAC trend!! I wasn't too crazy about the hello kitty for MAC but i love the stuff H&M do...so here's what i got on a recent trip...

I thought the bags and fragrance would be fab for my hols in June...well this is how i justified it to myself!! the eyeshadow is fab for pigmentation and is a great all over colour wash!! The bronzer again is fab but I'm keeping this for hols and its a bit crazy for daytime over here lol, but i can imagine It with a tan looking fabbbb!!

I also got an amazing pink/purple maxi dress...I've never tried a maxi dress as i thought it would flatter me, but i can honestly say they suit my shape soooooooo much...trust me i never like my figure but i think maxis could be the way to go lol!! i will post pics of the dress up in June...i plan to do a whole blog on my hols so no doubt i will wear the dress to death!!!

anyways my honeys speak soon xxxxx


  1. don't worry about the op honestly! I was so nervous too and I got all 4 out as well....as for the needle you don't even see it/feel it and are out before you know what's what! I don't remember a thing after they put me out until I woke up in my bed at home with ice cream all over myself lol. It is much easier and quicker than you might think, no worries :)

  2. I had all 4 of mine taken out and I worked myself up into such a frenzy about it and it was nothing! I'm sure the pain you are having now is more intense and worse than having your wisdom teeth out. Plus you're young and will recover quickly

  3. Awww cute! i so want the hello kitty goods but we dont have an H&M in malta... so sad!

  4. Fab hauling :) Have missed you :(

    I hope the op goes OK, and happy birthday for whenever it is :)

    x x x

  5. Dont worry! I had all 4 out last year as an added 'bonus' when I had an operation to correct a jaw defect. Because of the jaw thing im not actually sure how much i was affected by the wisdom teeth removal...but the whole thing was fine and is definitely nothing that you cant handle! x

  6. I had two of my wisdoms out 2 months ago and like you i was terrified! and honestly i didnt feel a thing! I had laughing gas (not sure the correct term...lol) and then they did the needle and took out the teeth. I was out withint 1 min of the gas..and woke up after it was all done. The pills kept away the pain afterwards...all in all it wasnt bad.

  7. I had an IV in my arm (I hate needles too) and when they put the stuff in to relax you, you'll be fine. I remember the doc tell my to count to 10...I got to 3 and I was out! Just remember to keep cold packs on your cheecks at all times and when you eat, eat soup or pudding. You'll be fine!

  8. Love the haul, H&M are great for cute little toiletries and girlie stuff. I have everything that you have in your haul.
    You should try the lipgloss called Bella Bellina. Its like a pearly peachy pink and it ould reall suit your colouring and its only £2.99.
    Hope you feeling better soon and have a great birthday.
    Miss you on youtube.xxx

  9. great haul, i have most of this stuff. You should try H&M lipgloss called Bella Bellina. Its only £2.99 and its a peachy pearly pink colour. It would really suit your colouring. Hope you feeling better soon and have a great birthday. Miss your vlogs on youtube.xxx

  10. will do lisa....sounds lush xx

  11. Like you i'm also a huge Hello Kitty fan, i just think she's adorbale! And recently just purchased a new make-up bag with the Hello Kitty face :)
    Great hauling and i may have to go over to my H&M to see what i can pick up