20 facts tag..

Hopping on the bandwagon as ive really enjoyed being nosey :) Oh and i thought id add a silly photo for good measure!

  1. I love Turkish delight.
  2. Im very nostalgic- i love sitting with someone and chatting about old t.v shows, sweets, adverts, memories etc.
  3. America is my favourite country in the whole wide world so far.
  4. I love trashy t.v- anything on MTV or late night channel 4 usually does the trick ;)
  5. I have an obsession with dior poison perfumes
  6. Sweetpea is my favourite scent
  7. My girl crush is Kim Kardashian- standard really!
  8. I would love to visit Borneo to help the orangutans
  9. I have swam with Dolphins
  10. I have a weakness for cute stationary
  11. I have to light scented candles every night
  12. I cant fully chill out if my room is messy- cluttered space- cluttered mind!
  13. Im currently losing weight through slimming world and really enjoying it
  14. I have a grandad that ive never met as my dad is adopted and we cant find him :(
  15. I could spend hours in poundland and Hobbycraft- and im proud of it ha!
  16. I have far to many hobbies for my own good and often get annoyed at myself for taking so much on!
  17. My dream is to live in a cottage and be surrounded by shabby chic decor
  18. My favourite breed of dog is a chihuahua
  19. I worry about other people opinions far too much
  20. Pigs are my favourite animals- so much so that i havent eaten pork for over ten years (and yes i do miss bacon butties)

Please send me your links- i love a good nose.

T xxx

Topshop lip combo...

Two of my favourite lip products right now- im not a fan of them separately- but together = LOVE.

This is the first time i have tried topshop lipsticks and i have to say im impressed- they are so creamy which is very important this time of year- chapped lips ahoy!

Has anyone tried these- any other colour recommendations?

T xxx

Black bottom cupcakes...

I decided to make my all time favourite recipe from the humming bird bakery book.  This recipe never fails me and as it was a friends birthday coming up i thought she would approve...

i wont bore you with the boring details of the recipe but will pop all the links you'll need if you fancy trying these at the bottom of the post.

 The chocolate part of the cupcake is almost brownie like in consistency.

The recipe says the white part of the mixture should be fluffy- but this never happens- lots of people online have said the same- dont worry its worked perfectly every time i have made these :)

I then spent hours faffing with fondant and stamps and came up with these cute little fondant strawbs- which were surprisingly easy :)

have you tried anything from the hummingbird bakery book?

T xxx


Banana powder.

Im guilty, I purchased this after seeing Khloe and Kim Kardashian and tweet about it- however rather than being your typical celebrity hype product it has fast turned into a makeup staple for me.
I am mixed race with my father being both Swedish and Sri-lanken, and for me most setting powders leave me looking quite ‘ashey’ like ive packed on the talcum powder.  I have found that the yellow colour of banana powder is fantastic for olive and darker skin tones and practically ‘melts’ into my skin, adding and taking nothing away which is just what I want from a setting powder.  
It does what it says on the tin and keeps shine at bay- something of which is really important to me as i do have a very oil T-zone.  It does last all day too, but then considering it is affectively a stage make up, i would come to expect this.
My only criticism with this is that I do tend to waste a lot of product.  I have to tip the guesstimate amount required into the tiny lid and attempt to swirl my brush around in it.  This results in major spillage or tipping the left over’s into the bin :/

I also wish that they would come up with a compact version for on the go and less waste- however whether the solid version would work as well im not so sure.
I think it is definitely worth the money, I just wish it was a little easier to get hold of in the u.k.  I purchased mine in the states but I’m pretty sure it is available from eBay- delivered from America.
Has anyone else tried Banana powder?  How have you found this product?
T xxx

2012 Favourites...

Hello my sweetpeas- just a quick round-up of my most loved/used products of 2012 :)


Kerastase hair mask- I've raved about this product many a time but really cant stress how amazing it is.  I wish i could afford to use this every time I wash my hair.  I have tried many hair masks due to the length of my hair and this one, hand on heart is the only one that leaves it feeling silky soft and shiny.  It actually feels like it has had something good 'injected' into it.  This is definitely a case of you get what you pay for.


Decleor Aroma cleanse- Im lucky enough to have a friend who works for decleor so she recommended this to me last Christmas along with the toner.  A really light cleanser which i feel suits all skin types.  I got the jumbo sized bottle and its lasted me a full year- a little goes a longgggg way.


Body shop Moringa body butter- im a huge fan of body butters (i own most of the scents)  lets be honest they moisturise like no other can and they smell dreamy (im always getting comments about my "perfume" when i wear these ;) !!  Im usually a fan of the coconut and the peach- which i think is limited edition (hello ebay) but this scent i discovered this year and has barely left my body since.

fyi- body butters are on sale at the mo- just purchased a few more peach before they dissapear for the year :)

Elemis exotic frangipani moisture melt- this smell reminds me of holidays, i add a few drops to my bath and when my skin resembles an elephants i apply it directly to my skin.  its a little pricey but i would re-purchase due to the results.  i find many oils dont sink in to the skin very wll but my skin drinks this lovely stuff up.

Make up:

Collection 2000 extreme lash- i wear ardell false lashes everyday so i see no need for expensive mascara- this one gives amazing results for the price!

Ben nye banana powder- Im guilty, saw this on the Kardashians and naturally had to have it.  turns out its a fantastic face powder - i shall be doing a full review on this shortly.

Hard candy glamoflauge- I purchased this in the U.S after seeing sccastenada use it in her videos, really good, heavy duty concealer and the best this is a little goes a long way resulting in this tube still going strong after a whole year!

Ysl lipstick- the perfect nude shade- worn.to.death shade number 1.

Eos lipbalm- this has been a saviour this winter


Dior poison hypnotic and pure- my favourite day and nightime scent EVER, just beautiful.

Estee lauder bronze goddess- i used this in the summer months- i think its limited edition so i purchased three bottles :/ now thats love huh?!

*Phew*- so thats my years favourites- anyone else used the above products and loved them?  What are your favourites from last year?  

T xxx

Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end...

Happy new year!!!

Im feeling fresh as a daisy due to being a boring old fart and going to the cinema and grabbing a curry for my new years celebrations :)

Yesterday i had to take my canon dslr back to jessops as it had the fatal error 30 flashing up- which is a little disappointing considering ive only had it for three months :(  I now feel so lost without it.  Whilst popping through to Cambridge i stopped at homesense (i love this store) and added a few pretty books to my collection.  Is anyone else obsessed with pretty cook books?

I have lusted after the above book for a long time now.  At a rrp of nearly £30.00 ive never been able to fully justify the purchase.  As fate would have it i saw the only one lying amongst a stack of not so pretty cookbooks for a bargain £10.00.  This book is just so beautiful- the silver gilded pages, the pretty illustrations- everything.  I'll be the first to admit the recipes are the least exciting thing to me about this book- it will be mainly used to adorn my coffee table.

My new years resolution is to bake more- so maybe these books will get used at some point.  Do you have any new years resolutions and do you have any pretty book recommendations.

P.s: Ive seen this on a few blogs now and think its a fab idea: Good things jar for 2013.

The idea is that you write things down as they happen throughout 2013 and then open them next new year.  I think this rocks as like many we always remember the bad/negative points and forget how good the year was to us.  I personally am trying to make 2013 'MY' year for once so this should have plenty of good notes in come new year 2014 - will look forward to sharing this with you guys next year :)