MAC Studio sculpt Review...

Hi my lovelies..hope you are all geared up for this evenings festivities!

For years now I've been on the quest to banish my oily skin by plastering it with my trusty Estee Lauder double wear light.  Lately, maybe its due to my skin feeling extremely dehydrated..I've fancied a more dewy, fresh look for my skin so set about finding a temporary replacement foundation...cue studio sculpt.

As many of you know- not many foundations can beat Estee Lauders coverage- so i was wary that this would not match when it came to covering imperfections.  I must say that i am really impressed with the coverage and finish of studio sculpt.  The application is really simple and the product is really blendable and can be built up easily.

Before: as you can see i have quite a few broken capillaries on my cheeks...

After: No concealer or editing...just the foundation so that you can see the level of coverage :)

All in all I'm in love with this product and i think you'll agree from the images it provides great coverage and leaves a lovely dewy finish.  I am a happy bunny.

Have you tried this...thoughts?

Have a great NYE!

T xxx


Ive been extremely lazy in getting this post done- mainly due to its photo heavy nature.  I highly recommend putting Rome on your bucket list- its a very expensive but beautiful place.  I visited with my housemate and brother :) Hope you enjoy the snaps...

T xxx

Blueberry and Lemon cupcakes...

Im obsessed with blueberries. I find an excuse to sneak them in to most things and when that "thing" is cake, i can almost fool myself into thinking they are reasonably healthy :/

I gave this recipe a whirl and apart from the frustration of converting cups to grams/mls it actually turned out pretty well. In fact the batch of 12 didnt make it past the end of the day.

T xxx

Mac Flamingo and Sweet and Sour...

Why Mac, why?

Im sure you can all sympathise with my sorrow when all of the nicest colours Mac release are Limited edition. I wish there were an opportunity to stock up but as we all know they sell out within a blink of an eye :(

Anyway, here they are in all their pretty, limited edition glory...

Sweet and Sour:

Did you manage to nab either of these?

T xxx

The Bomb...

I love independent shops on the high street and i love them more even more so when they sell little gems like these...

After ploughing through nearly all of what Lush have to offer, i had meant to order some goodies from the Bomb cosmetics for quite some time but never quite got round to it.  I popped into a little gift shop in my town and now found that they sell quite a large array of products.

I love the little Easter bombs but the pink glittery one smells the best on my opinion :)

Like Lush products the scent lingers and my skin felt silky smooth after- smiles all round.  Ive noticed on their site that there are some new whoopie blasters which im not dying to try.

Have you tried any of the bomb products?

T xxx

Three things...

Three little things that made me smile this week...

Glitter nails- Something about glitter just makes me smile.  Jessica samba parade and Martha Stewart rose quartz glitter.

Handmade gifts- I promised myself that all my friends presents this year would be handmade/ personal as i really enjoy stamping/craft etc. It annoys me that i dont have more time on my hands sometimes!  I made my best friend this cute little hamper and a batch of my strawberry cupcakes from my previous post.

Pretty gems- some new jewels from Accessorize.  I like how alex munroesque the bumble bee necklace is.

I hope you all had a lovely week- enjoy the weekend.

T xxx

Sweet pea...

Everyone has that one base fragrance that they love right?

Mine is sweet pea.

I think my love for this scent started in 2007 when I discovered bath and body works for the first time. Since then whenever I visit the states I bring a separate bag back filled with their goodies!

I have found a few sweet pea secnted products here in the uk-but none quite as nice as bath and body works. We need a bath and body works in the uk- feeling quite passionate about this lol!

Does anyone else share my love for bath and body works? What's your favourite scent?

T xxx

Most read...

I dont know about you, but i dont remember the last time i purchased a magazine.

I think the reason for this is that reading a good blog is far more interesting and the fashion/beauty reviews are actually much better than the mags can offer.

So here are a few of my faves that brighten up my week- please never stop blogging- you are saving me a fortune on mags ;) p.s i hope you dont mind me snatching your photos :)

Amy Antoinette

Ive been lucky enough to meet Amy and she is as lovely in person as she comes across on her blog.  I lover her shabby chic style and almost everything she purchases i want!

Beauty fulfilled-

Kaushal is lovely and has just started making youtube vids too :)  She always writes really in depth, honest reviews.

Emily Charlotte-

I love this girls honesty- rare in the blogging world sometimes.  I love seeing what she gets up to on a weekly basis and her recipes always make me want to lick the screen!!!

Lily loves Lola-

She shares my love for our four legged friends and all things Disney.  I would quite like a relationship like hers *sigh*.  This blog just makes me happy :)

Rockstar diaries- 

I love following this little family.  I have never seen such smiley people.

Milk bubble tea-

One of my absolute favourites- beautiful photography and shes just comes across as an absolute sweetie.

Yummy mummys beauty blog-

I pretty much buy every nude lip colour Holly blogs about!  She also has great style.

So there we have it- thats just a few of my faves- im sure most of you have already subscribed to/heard of these fab blogs but if you havent you most definitely should.

T xxx

The Sanctuary Salt Scrub...

This weather has taken its toll.  My cuticles are chapped, my hair is like straw and my skin feels like a leather handbag. Not good.

I use a shower poof regularly but I needed something a little more hardcore.  Enter the sanctuary salt scrub.

I thought id put a vile before photo on just to show you I wasn't exaggerating how dry my legs have been and also to put you off your lunch ha!

Ive never used this product before as i usually hate the feeling of oil residue on my skin- however after feeling scaly for far to long i actually quite welcomed this feeling!

I am really impressed with this product- there is plenty of oil so the salt doesn't scratch you and it really did leave me feeling pampered.  I also think the price is really reasonable too- considering that it comes in a glass jar which i plan on re-using.  I think the results speak for themselves- shiny, happy skin.  Im just annoyed that i didnt try this sooner really.

I also purchased the hot sugar scrub which i shall be using and reviewing after the salt scrub is all gone.

Have you tried this scrub- what are your thoughts?

T xxx

20 facts tag..

Hopping on the bandwagon as ive really enjoyed being nosey :) Oh and i thought id add a silly photo for good measure!

  1. I love Turkish delight.
  2. Im very nostalgic- i love sitting with someone and chatting about old t.v shows, sweets, adverts, memories etc.
  3. America is my favourite country in the whole wide world so far.
  4. I love trashy t.v- anything on MTV or late night channel 4 usually does the trick ;)
  5. I have an obsession with dior poison perfumes
  6. Sweetpea is my favourite scent
  7. My girl crush is Kim Kardashian- standard really!
  8. I would love to visit Borneo to help the orangutans
  9. I have swam with Dolphins
  10. I have a weakness for cute stationary
  11. I have to light scented candles every night
  12. I cant fully chill out if my room is messy- cluttered space- cluttered mind!
  13. Im currently losing weight through slimming world and really enjoying it
  14. I have a grandad that ive never met as my dad is adopted and we cant find him :(
  15. I could spend hours in poundland and Hobbycraft- and im proud of it ha!
  16. I have far to many hobbies for my own good and often get annoyed at myself for taking so much on!
  17. My dream is to live in a cottage and be surrounded by shabby chic decor
  18. My favourite breed of dog is a chihuahua
  19. I worry about other people opinions far too much
  20. Pigs are my favourite animals- so much so that i havent eaten pork for over ten years (and yes i do miss bacon butties)

Please send me your links- i love a good nose.

T xxx

Topshop lip combo...

Two of my favourite lip products right now- im not a fan of them separately- but together = LOVE.

This is the first time i have tried topshop lipsticks and i have to say im impressed- they are so creamy which is very important this time of year- chapped lips ahoy!

Has anyone tried these- any other colour recommendations?

T xxx

Black bottom cupcakes...

I decided to make my all time favourite recipe from the humming bird bakery book.  This recipe never fails me and as it was a friends birthday coming up i thought she would approve...

i wont bore you with the boring details of the recipe but will pop all the links you'll need if you fancy trying these at the bottom of the post.

 The chocolate part of the cupcake is almost brownie like in consistency.

The recipe says the white part of the mixture should be fluffy- but this never happens- lots of people online have said the same- dont worry its worked perfectly every time i have made these :)

I then spent hours faffing with fondant and stamps and came up with these cute little fondant strawbs- which were surprisingly easy :)

have you tried anything from the hummingbird bakery book?

T xxx