The Sanctuary Salt Scrub...

This weather has taken its toll.  My cuticles are chapped, my hair is like straw and my skin feels like a leather handbag. Not good.

I use a shower poof regularly but I needed something a little more hardcore.  Enter the sanctuary salt scrub.

I thought id put a vile before photo on just to show you I wasn't exaggerating how dry my legs have been and also to put you off your lunch ha!

Ive never used this product before as i usually hate the feeling of oil residue on my skin- however after feeling scaly for far to long i actually quite welcomed this feeling!

I am really impressed with this product- there is plenty of oil so the salt doesn't scratch you and it really did leave me feeling pampered.  I also think the price is really reasonable too- considering that it comes in a glass jar which i plan on re-using.  I think the results speak for themselves- shiny, happy skin.  Im just annoyed that i didnt try this sooner really.

I also purchased the hot sugar scrub which i shall be using and reviewing after the salt scrub is all gone.

Have you tried this scrub- what are your thoughts?

T xxx


  1. Wow such a difference!!! I love your blog, check out mine if you get a chance?

    1. I know- cant believe how soft i feel- even after nearly 10hrs! xxx

  2. OMG such a difference! I have very dry skin too and this looks like a saviour! thanks for the post hun :) xxx

    1. You have to get it I'll be repurchasing xxxx