Sweet pea...

Everyone has that one base fragrance that they love right?

Mine is sweet pea.

I think my love for this scent started in 2007 when I discovered bath and body works for the first time. Since then whenever I visit the states I bring a separate bag back filled with their goodies!

I have found a few sweet pea secnted products here in the uk-but none quite as nice as bath and body works. We need a bath and body works in the uk- feeling quite passionate about this lol!

Does anyone else share my love for bath and body works? What's your favourite scent?

T xxx


  1. I've never tried their products but i would definitely back bringing them to the UK- Need to get my hands on their candles x


    1. Everything smells sooooo good!!! thanks for commenting xxx

  2. I've also tried b&b works products and sweet pea's my fave too :) x x