The lipstick chronicles...Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte - Nude Beige...

I cant even photograph the product as im scraping the innards out of it right now with a lip brush...this lipstick is worth every penny of its hefty £25 price tag and has been well and truly loved!

Its super creamy which is both a yay and a neigh...yes- it keeps my lips moisturised but the down side is it runs out...rapidly :(

I have this in two other colours as i just adore the formula and the colour payoff this range brings.

Have you tried any of these?

T xxx

The lipstick chronicles...Revlon Audacious

Firstly, thank you Daniella for introducing me to this fab colour!  I have never tried a colourburst before this one and i am now tempted to try a few more!

This colour is different from any other in my collection and i find i can only wear it when suitably tanned :) as its so bright.

The colour payoff is great and it has a lovely minty smell, however my only issue with this is after a few hours of wear i feel like it becomes chalky and feels quite "bitty" or almost grainy when i press my lips together...anyone else noticed this?

Have you tried these- any colours you could recommend?

T xxx

Blogger/Youtube depression...

Hmmm, perhaps a little too dramatic with the blog post title there...however after talking about this topic with a few fellow bloggers I'm starting to see that i am not the only one who feels this strange emotion.

I am not ashamed to admit that i am obsessed with watching vlogs, look books and generally snooping around others lives...and the reason for this is...well their lives are quite simply more interesting than my own.  That is a sad, but true statement.

As much as these vloggers give me great enjoyment, after the seven or so minutes of footage are over, i am left with an overwhelming feeling that my life is, well, a little pants in comparison.

Now, i know that this is just a small snippet of their daily life, but am i the only one who feels this way?...i cant imagine so.

I have started vlogs on my channel recently and to be honest i could never commit to daily, or even weekly ones, as, lets be honest...who wants to see my adventures to tesco....I'm really not exciting enough to fill daily content.  Knowing this fact however does make me feel a little insignificant and again leaves me thinking "why isn't my life that exciting"?

I guess what I'm looking for is feedback, feedback that I'm not alone in this crazy thought pattern and that someone else's life is as ordinary as mine lol! Do you guys ever compare yourself to the mega successful bloggers/youtubers out there?

I guess I'm struggling with the change in blogging...i started my blog in 2008- when the blogging world was completely different.  Back then, there was only a handful of us with teeny, tiny, rubbish quality images showing blurry lipstick it seems such a large community and the skills they possess now are on a professional level, I'm not sure i can keep up.  Also at 28, i have to admit i feel a little old *gulp*.

Anyway, rant thank you blogger for being my very own counselling session ;)

T xxx


So im braving the world of first vlog which has been very delayed due to getting to grips with imovie, is now up- please be kind :)

I promise my next few are a little more interesting...i dont have a very exciting life like some vloggers you see :/ x


T xxx