Another one from the lush haul...

(sorry pheobe wouldnt stop sniffing them)

So, the next product from my box of goodies: Mums ballistics.

Now I know they're intended for mummy's but I couldn't help myself, I had to have one, okay two of these flower lollipops! I got the candy fluff and sakura, one because they were pink, and two I thought they were my kind of scents :)
First off let me start by saying as a gift £3.50 each is fine..but for myself I don't think I would spend it again for what it was :s

I loved the scent of sakura..similar to karma..but I hated the candy fluff...for me it smelt great in the shop but in the bath it had a really floral after scent which I hate :(

These are extremely fizzy and make the water a lovely strong colour and scent! The scent lasted on my skin, although I didn't find it nourishing at all. I like bath products that allow me not to moisturise..because I'm lazy lol!

One last cute note to add...the leaf on the flower has seeds pressed into it so you can grow wild flowers....sweet or what? xx

Redken spray starch...mrs potato head lol!

There comes a time, doesn't there, when you rekindle your love for an old, forgotten product.

Where have you been for the past few years of my life spray starch??

I used to use this stuff all the time when i worked as a junior in a hair salon..and for some reason when i left i just never got around to repurchasing.

My hair is thick and really holds the point that i can go to bed with wet hair and it still be damp in the morning..nightmare lol! So the last few times I've gone out, whether I've curled or straightened my hair as soon as I've started to get a little hot in a bar/club my hair is attacked by frizz!!

Now, before i straighten or put my hair in rollers i spritz this over my dry hair. The smell is gorgeous by the way :) It really does as the name starches the hair, giving your style a 'memory' the curl or straightness will stay put! However don't let the starch part put you off it leaves the hair flexible..not crispy and stiff like you'd imagine!

Ive used this on a few nights out now...I've danced like a mad woman and my hair hasn't frizzed and its held its style thoroughly recommend this to anyone who's hair is thick and unruly and tends to frizz on nights out, friends with fine hair hated this..oh and if you've ever visited Florida this is a must have for your suitcase...humidity hell :))))

RRP: £12.25...however it can be found much cheaper on the web!

Anyone tried x

A whole box of at a time :)


Unfortunately, melting marshmallow moment went to its watery grave before i got chance to take a picture :) so the one off the lush website will have to do!

This bath melt smells super sweet, which with me is always a winner! The scent reminds me of the soft pastel coloured rock you can get at the seaside..random but i think i good description lol!

This turned my water a lovely milky, baby pink colour. The melt foamed when i picked it out of the water, and it actually looked like a marshmallow when i did this..super fun…this one definitely brings out the curious child in me..i kept pulling it out of the bath to sneak a peak at how much marshmallow was left :) any one else do this??

I love this product, it made my skin very silky and i didn't feel much need to moisturise afterwards..although the scent didn't last too long on my skin :( I should also add that at £3.50 i consider this quite expensive compared to others. I tried to break this one in half like i do with the bars but it wasn't having any of it…so i think this works out quite an expensive treat..but a good one :)

Have you tried this…likey? xx

cardigan crazy and haul :)

After seeing holly’s haul video on all the goodies H&M had to offer i decided to pop to Cambridge for a bit of retail therapy!

I was after the peacock top in her haul..but no such luck..seriously I'm desperate for this top grrrr! Anywhoooo, i still got some lovely bits, Holly is right there are some really different pieces in there at the mo…but what i have noticed is that H&M’s prices have increased a lot :S


I got a peach and charcoal grey ruffle top..i love the length of these and they are surprisingly flattering for horizontal stripes. I love how feminine these are. Also these are really versatile i would wear these with a cardi, boots and leggings to a meal or with leggings high heels and bling for a night out! Good job they're so versatile considering they were £30 each!! P.s..i didn't mean to look so snobby in the 2nd pic hahah!!


Also i got 2 cardigans..the cream one from top shop..i love the woven detail and then the purple from was a bargain at £6.99 and the colour is very unique….as you can tell i have a little obsession with cardis, i think they finish off any outfit and i prefer wearing them to coats…at the current count i own 24, yikes!!