A whole box of lush..one at a time :)


Unfortunately, melting marshmallow moment went to its watery grave before i got chance to take a picture :) so the one off the lush website will have to do!

This bath melt smells super sweet, which with me is always a winner! The scent reminds me of the soft pastel coloured rock you can get at the seaside..random but i think i good description lol!

This turned my water a lovely milky, baby pink colour. The melt foamed when i picked it out of the water, and it actually looked like a marshmallow when i did this..super fun…this one definitely brings out the curious child in me..i kept pulling it out of the bath to sneak a peak at how much marshmallow was left :) any one else do this??

I love this product, it made my skin very silky and i didn't feel much need to moisturise afterwards..although the scent didn't last too long on my skin :( I should also add that at £3.50 i consider this quite expensive compared to others. I tried to break this one in half like i do with the bars but it wasn't having any of it…so i think this works out quite an expensive treat..but a good one :)

Have you tried this…likey? xx


  1. I haven't tried this one but it sounds divine! Shame it didn't break in half though x

  2. I have this and I think im going to try it in a min! (: XO

  3. I had one that I couldn't break so I just pulled it out of the bath after a bit - it still left so many bubbles and doing it that way it didn't stay looking pretty but it still lasted a good couple of baths xx

  4. I love this!! and I LOVE LUSH!

    xoxo suzanna