Another one from the lush haul...

(sorry pheobe wouldnt stop sniffing them)

So, the next product from my box of goodies: Mums ballistics.

Now I know they're intended for mummy's but I couldn't help myself, I had to have one, okay two of these flower lollipops! I got the candy fluff and sakura, one because they were pink, and two I thought they were my kind of scents :)
First off let me start by saying as a gift £3.50 each is fine..but for myself I don't think I would spend it again for what it was :s

I loved the scent of sakura..similar to karma..but I hated the candy fluff...for me it smelt great in the shop but in the bath it had a really floral after scent which I hate :(

These are extremely fizzy and make the water a lovely strong colour and scent! The scent lasted on my skin, although I didn't find it nourishing at all. I like bath products that allow me not to moisturise..because I'm lazy lol!

One last cute note to add...the leaf on the flower has seeds pressed into it so you can grow wild flowers....sweet or what? xx


  1. Nice review on the products!!!Lovely blog!!!

  2. I'm going to get my Mum the 3 of these for mothers day, she loves gardening and nice smellies so it should be a good treat for her :)

  3. You have a Chihuahua!! I'm so jealous!

    Thanks for following me sweetie :)