Busy bee!

I felt i haven't blogged an awful lot recently..mainly due to my two hobbies which seem to be taking over my life lol!! Anyone who's on my face book will know I'm currently setting up a jewellery business and doing a lot of work in studios doing makeup and styling! I love both, and hopefully they will bring me a little extra money, hey even a new career may come of it?! All i know is i adore the creativity and diversity being a make up artist can offer..if only it was an easier industry to crack :( also training is ridiculously priced boo hoo! So for now ill stick to the two as hobbies! Let me know what you think, or if you have become a makeup artist..how lol?!!! Here's some of my work:

Which look..if any is your fave?

Also please visit my jewellery web site..early days but please give me your feedback :)




  1. The final picture - girl on the right - that's my favourite look! xx

  2. The website is really cute! love the polka dot background. And all the jewelry looks great! Especially like the heart bracelet and freshwater pearl bracelet. Super cute!