All i want for christmas....

I cant type that title without singing, what in my opinion is...Mariahs best song ever ;)

Heres my little Christmas wish list...
1. No7 illuminating mirror- Im sick of dull rubbish light to apply my make up- this is a must this year!
2. Rodriguez Narciso- I smelt this on someone and I have to have it immediately- preferably as part of a gift set ;)
3. Glazed apple body butter- I have asked for a few of these as no doubt this will only be about for the festive season :(
4. Tom Ford lipstick- in any shade...i just want one...and its so pretty and pricey i will probably never use it :/
5. Red apple wreath Yankee Candle- This smells lush- christmassy but not sickly :)
6. Laura ashley pineapple lamp- I have wanted this since the summer- cant bear the hideous price tag!
7. Nars sheer glow foundation- Still cant believe i have never owned a bottle of this yet!
8. Tripod- like the above i still cant believe i do not own one of these- blogger fail!

Whats on your wish list- send me your links :) i love a good snoop!

T xxx

The Christmas tag...

So I tagged myself as i LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!  Nothing wrong with that right? Lets get festive...

What's your favourite Christmas movie/s?

Muppet's Christmas carol and The Grinch...both childish choices, but hey they make me smile and feel warm and fuzzy :)

Do you open presents on Christmas morning or Christmas evening?

Morning- however i have always wished my family would do table presents when we eat dinner too- like a little secret Santa type gig....maybe I'll do this when i have my own family one day.

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

Yes- I don't remember how old i was- but for some strange reason i decided to "sleep over" in my brothers room on Xmas eve..why do siblings do this..its across the hall lol!  We woke up (obvs hearing the parents rustling about) my dad came upstairs and told us if we didn't go back to sleep Santa wouldn't come...he told us to listen for the sleigh bells....we both fell asleep after listening for what seemed like forever lol!

Also being a child of the 80's that smell of tinsel as you opended the lounge door will never leave me ;)

What's your favourite festive food?

Stuffing balls, cheeselets and Cadburys roses!  Im not a huge Christmas food Easter -that's a different story...give me alllll of the mini eggs!

What's your favourite Christmas scent?

As mentioned above, tinsel lol and cinnamon.  I also love the Yankee candle Red apple wreath. I cant bear the sickly sweet candle scents like Christmas cookie and nutmeg- yick!!!!  

Do you have a Christmas Eve tradition?

Id love to say yes, however as a family we are just not that close :( i wish we could be but one day with my own little family i will make Christmas eve a huge deal.  when i used to work Christmas eve in a beauty salon we used to all go to the pub to get lots of goodies, exchange our secret Santa and share out our tips- those were fun times :).

What tops your tree?

A standard star...

As a child, what was the one (crazy, extravagant) gift you wanted but never got?

I remember these vividly as i always thought Santa had let me down it was quite clear i was just being an extravagant bratty child lol...I desperately wanted the Easy-bake cupcake oven...i find it funny that now im massively into baking...see mum i did REALLY want this!

I also remember yearning for a Mr frosty and being hideously disappointed when we got it and in essence it was crushed ice and ribena :(

What do you think is the best part of Christmas?

I love the lights and the just makes it feel magical.  The films transport you to a little happy place also :)

I would like to tag...Victoria, Jessica and Daniela

T xxx

L'oreal Colour Riche Collection, Blake's red and Eva's red...

I blame Vivianna for my discovery of these reds...I say blame as i did not NEED another red in my collection...but alas.

I was lucky to get my paws on these as they were the last ones on the stand and since then I've seen further stores completely empty.  I love these two shades and couldn't decide between them, so i naturally purchased both :/

The packaging is sleek and high end looking in my opinion which is helped along by the textured, matte bullet.  Application is smooth considering that they are matte shades and the stick is nicely pointed to allow great cupids bow application.

The scent reminds me of baby powder which, if I'm honest i like and the colour payoff is very impressive.  I wore these to work and only had to apply once more throughout the day, which i think is pretty impressive.

I hope that these are not limited edition as i can see myself doing a cheeky repurchase in the near future- once I've worn these down to the nub!

T xxx

Lush haul...

I treated myself to a big bagful of Lush last month...let me talk you through my goodies...

I love Halloween, and i love this bubble bar!  I'm told the official ingredients are juniper berry, lime and grapefruit but to me it smells of iron-bru and that's not a bad thing at all :) I purchased five of these suckers as they wont be around for long.

This smells like creamy candy bubble bar and is probably exactly the same but give me a gimmicky new product and ill have it ;) This is super sweet and only those with a sweet tooth need purchase.

After seeing this on numerous vlogs i had to have a psychedelic, colourful bath.  This smells fruity and looks too pretty to use.  I intend to cut it up into very small chunks to make it last!
My favourite scents in a bath bomb- cherry blossom and jasmine.  This is the most subtle smelling product of the bunch but really lingers on my skin after my soak.

Have you tried any of these?

T xxx

Lush cupcake mask...

Hands up who loves mint choc chip ice cream?! If so then this product will have you wanting to lick your own face...yes i really did just say that!

It looks like i have poop smeared on my face but works like a charm.  Cupcake has a slightly grainy texture which doubles up as an exfoliator when washed off with a flannel.  My skin felt smooth, refined and calmed after a ten minute wait.

The mask contains rhassoul mud, linseed, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, mint and vanilla.

I would definitely repurchase this, of all the lush masks i find its the easiest and most enjoyable to apply.  Have you tried this...what is your favourite lush mask- any more that i desperately must try?

T xxx