Lush haul...

I treated myself to a big bagful of Lush last month...let me talk you through my goodies...

I love Halloween, and i love this bubble bar!  I'm told the official ingredients are juniper berry, lime and grapefruit but to me it smells of iron-bru and that's not a bad thing at all :) I purchased five of these suckers as they wont be around for long.

This smells like creamy candy bubble bar and is probably exactly the same but give me a gimmicky new product and ill have it ;) This is super sweet and only those with a sweet tooth need purchase.

After seeing this on numerous vlogs i had to have a psychedelic, colourful bath.  This smells fruity and looks too pretty to use.  I intend to cut it up into very small chunks to make it last!
My favourite scents in a bath bomb- cherry blossom and jasmine.  This is the most subtle smelling product of the bunch but really lingers on my skin after my soak.

Have you tried any of these?

T xxx

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