L'oreal Colour Riche Collection, Blake's red and Eva's red...

I blame Vivianna for my discovery of these reds...I say blame as i did not NEED another red in my collection...but alas.

I was lucky to get my paws on these as they were the last ones on the stand and since then I've seen further stores completely empty.  I love these two shades and couldn't decide between them, so i naturally purchased both :/

The packaging is sleek and high end looking in my opinion which is helped along by the textured, matte bullet.  Application is smooth considering that they are matte shades and the stick is nicely pointed to allow great cupids bow application.

The scent reminds me of baby powder which, if I'm honest i like and the colour payoff is very impressive.  I wore these to work and only had to apply once more throughout the day, which i think is pretty impressive.

I hope that these are not limited edition as i can see myself doing a cheeky repurchase in the near future- once I've worn these down to the nub!

T xxx

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  1. This colour is perfect! NEED this for my Christmas party :)