Skin: Millia

Milia are keratin filled small cysts that form usually in areas where the pores of the skin are very small! Commonly around the eye or cheek area.

They are often mistaken for white heads or just uneven skin.

Why do they appear and what causes them:

First of all there are two types of milia:

Primary milia: this may result from oil glands that have not fully or properly developed


Secondary milia: this results from trauma to the skin i.e stripping the skin causing it to over produce oils or using products which are too heavy for this skin which blocks it.

If its the first one..then its just the way your skin is and milia will usually disappear on their own

If its the second type then the skin care routine is to blame and should be changed and milia will have to be removed.

Tips: Never use oil based products near eyes..this is why eye cream was invented..creams are too rich for the small pores around the eyes. This goes for foundation and cheap oil filled concealers too...they simply clog pores and doesn't allow them to sweat and breathe!

Oh and yes the amount of clients with milia that told me they use body lotion on their face and suffer from wonder lol!

How to keep them away:

If the milia hasn't shifted within a few months it is best to get them removed at your salon....i don't know if youve tried but these suckers wont budge like normal spots with a hard squeeze!! It requires using a special needle to prick the skin, then the milia pops out like a little pod :). i promise this does not hurt if done correctly!

Once milia is removed they shouldn't return as long as the following is applied:

Exfoliate once/twice a not over exfoliate..this can cause them!!!

Apply a separate eye cream

Steer clear of oily make up

Tone after cleansing to remove any excess product


  1. Im so glad you've done this post, I have 2 of these just near my eyes and had no idea what they was. I was thinking about going to the doctor. I just assumed he wouldn't be able to do anything though.. so I never. Ive had them for a few years now and just learnt to live with them. They arnt noticable but obviously I notice them, but like I said.. I just thought they were milk spots or something (don't ask me where Ive heard that or know what they are though cos I dont haha).

    So will I have to go to a good salon to get them removed hun? are all beauty theraphist trained to remove them?


  2. jo: yeah depending how close they are to the eye go get them removed at a salon..most will do it, its best to have a facial to go along with it as this will soften the skin before trying to remove :)

  3. i have a few of these around my eyes, will have a look into getting them removed xx

  4. Thanks for this, I've got a few around the eye area too! Like Jo I thought they were milk spots haha

  5. :D I have these too, I actually scratched one so hard last night it came off and stung like a bitch - wont be doing that again!!!


  6. Great and useful post. I've been known to dig a few of these out in the past. The big ones were fun. haha

  7. Great post. I think I'll keep the baby lotion away from my eyes henceforth. lol.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing this, I sometimes get these around my eyes! Time to bin my eye cream :) x

  9. I had one of those around my eyes once but it went away with time...thanks for the information, though! Next time I'll know what to do =)

  10. thanks for this post! it was so useful! i have these all over my cheeks :( hey would u happen to know if boing concealor from benefit has oils in it? reply on my blog, thanks!

  11. My mum's a derma, and most of the cases of millia she has is because of too much friction around the eye area - ie. eye scratching! So I try to minimise rubbing my face for any reason lol. I gave you a blog award by the way, check out mine. xx

  12. good post hun, i think this is what mine was, however they were more under my cheekbone and side chin area. they have now been removed and hopefully they will never return. thanks for the post, you need to blog more about skincare :) xxxx

  13. Those do look like white heads. Luckily, I have never had a big acne problem but it's good to know... thanks!

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  14. oooh, thanks. i don't want to get these on my face. :(

  15. i have these all the time, and it is possible to remove them yourself it just really hurts, and scabs..oh and takes a long while LOL