The answer to clear skin?!

I'm going to be honest…i cant leave the house without make-up..sad but true..P

the funny thing is i don't even have bad skin…but i feel my skin looks dull and lifeless without foundation!


However today i went on a dog walk and shock horror i actually only popped on some mascara and lip gloss :O

For once my skin glowed on its own…amazing!

The only thing i can put it down to is an amazing product that I've been trialling for my salon…

The product range is called Environ..anyone heard of it? (i hadn't) the rep came in and showed us unbelievable pictures of peoples skin before and after..i was blown away and agreed to be the salon guinea pig :) I wanted to see if it would give my skin the glow i crave and get rid of the bumps on my forehead!

I have been using the Avst moisturiser for one month and all i can say is WOW! My skin glows, and i haven't had a breakout in ages…it must be the moisturiser as i haven't changed anything else in my regime! i really am amazed!

The product would of never enticed me if i hadn't seen the before and after pictures as the packaging is clinical and it smells awful…but this has taught me a lot! Never judge a book by its cover springs to mind


Now for the boring infor bit:

Environ is a south african company and here's what's in it that makes its smell so grim lol:

Retinyl Palmitate (A)
Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (C)
Vitamin E
Green Tea
Rooibos Tea
Honeybush Extract
Beta Carotene
Rosemary Leaf Extract

So this is me on my dog walk..with no foundation..amazing achievement for me lol!! Also another achievement..wearing ugg boots...i resisted them for sooo long as i think they make my feet look ugly but you know theyre very pratical for dog walks...even if i do look like a telletubbie!! x



  1. Wow, your skin looks gorgeous! what kind of consistency is it? do you think its quite heavy?
    Nikki x

  2. NIKKI: thats the thing i hate heavy creams and this sinks in in seconds...i think a lot of people dont like this as your skin doesnt feel that moisturised but i love it xx

  3. Does any product in this range helps acne scarring/marks? im really trying to get rid of it now! i hate it! lol xx

  4. kerry if you can find a salon that uses environ they will do a facial that will give you amazing results..look on google images..i was stunned at the pics the rep showed us x

  5. thanks for following my new blog tiffany :) xx

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