Greetings bloggers..i come in peace :)


Yes i look like an alien :)

Its all in the name of beauty…just a quick review on the body shops seaweed mask!

After searching for the instructions for a good 10 mins..i discovered them by peeling back two layers of plastic on the tub..v confusing lol!! I know lots of people had a hard time finding them too!

Anyway..i cleansed and exfoliated (this is must before applying a enables the product to penetrate the skin, dead surface skin cells are a no-no!) then applied the mask.

When it first went on i will admit it stung a little..i was surprised as i certainly do not have sensitive skin! However this soon wore off and the mask began to harden…don't you just love pulling faces when this happens?

After washing it off i must say my blackheads on my nose looked noticeably clearer…and id say my pores definatly looked more refined. My skin felt super soft too…

I would definatly recommend this product to people with oily skins..I'm going to use this just on my tea zone from now on as i found it a little to stripping on the old cheeks!

anyone else share my love for this product??



  1. I totally agree about just using it on the t zone. when i took it off my cheeks, it felt like my face was on fire. i was scared lol

  2. I love this for my T-Zone! I dont think I will change to a different mask any time soon! :D

  3. You still look lovely even with the facemask on lol
    I have a little something on my blog for you!!