Three things...

So this week has involved some excercise-see aboves hike around Hinchinbrooke park and a whole lot of scoffing!!  Im assuming im in hibernation mode :/- well thats my excuse anyway!

Carrots always appear more appealing with stalks on right?

Using the last of my American cake mixes :(


Completely underwhelming....

I expected so much from this product seeing as I am obsesssed with the body butter version.

The body shops coconut beauty oil just didn't do it for me! The scent just doesn't match up to the butters and it deffinatly not as strong-in fact I've not had one comment since wearing it-when I smother the butter on me I can't stop people asking what "perfume" I'm wearing lol!

All in all I would rather stick with what the body shop does best-body butters!! In fact I find them more nourishing too!!

Anyone else tried this product-thoughts??


Three things...

The sad realisation that my birdhouse is prettier than my actual house :(

Crafting- i just love pretty papers!

Sherbert pips

Ive been feeling a lot more creative as of late- which has lead me to get all of my beautiful papers out that ive had stored for yonks!!!  Im going to Alexandra Palace to a craft and stamping event in a few weeks so no doubt ill be stocking up :)

The worrying thought is that ill soon be stamping christmas gift tags :/

Oh and i literally cannot stop listening to this

Hope you all had a lovely weekend :) xxx

Three things...

Cute critter that i regret not buying!

Possibly the best cake ever- Angel cake!

Vintage looking flowers- or as my housemate put it- cabbage on a stem!!

This week ive been feeling incredibly down- i dont know whether its weather induced as September seems to be the month every year for me that i feel this way :(  I need some sunshine to snap me out of it!!  Oh well ikea trip to look forward to tomorrow :)

Have a lovely weekend xxx