Completely underwhelming....

I expected so much from this product seeing as I am obsesssed with the body butter version.

The body shops coconut beauty oil just didn't do it for me! The scent just doesn't match up to the butters and it deffinatly not as strong-in fact I've not had one comment since wearing it-when I smother the butter on me I can't stop people asking what "perfume" I'm wearing lol!

All in all I would rather stick with what the body shop does best-body butters!! In fact I find them more nourishing too!!

Anyone else tried this product-thoughts??



  1. such a shame you found this product disappointing! good review though

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  2. That's unfortunate! I've not strayed away from the lotions and butters from The Body Shop so i'm in no rush to now. Have you tried the strawberry? So lovely! x

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  3. I have Shea oil & lik using it for various purposes. But they all re nothing better than regular oils!