Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser...

I have never tried a Lush facial moisturiser before but was lucky enough to pick one up at the Cambridge blog event that I visited recently.  I had no idea of the hefty price tag attached to this item…and I have to say I was shocked..£32.50! 
Heres what Lush say…
“Feel like a million with this top-dollar, bionic facial moisturiser. We've spared no expense in making this; with protective sunscreens, evening primrose oil, shea butter, jojoba, honey and lavender oil to keep your complexion smooth, soft and safe from the sun. We've even blended in a pinch of Feeling Younger to leave you with a subtle, healthy glow.”
I have to say I found this product a little too heavy for me L…it leaves a very sticky feeling on my skin…so due to this ive only been using it at night…which kind of counteracts the products usage as it contains a shimmer and a Uv factor 30!  The product smells lovely and feels luxurious however, and I’m sure if you had dry or sensitive skin this would be a staple for you!
I think I will use this on holiday for the day...definitely better than putting bog standard sun cream all over my face thats for sure!
Have you tried this- what are your thoughts?
T xxx

Get Happy...

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling proper down in the dumps.  I don’t know whether it’s the time of year/weather or its due to a few things going on for me right now…regardless I decided to pop down and share some tips on how to shake off this rubbish feeling and just get happy!
  1. Go to the gym….I know I need to do this…it produces endorphins and I can’t deny I feel great after…it’s the going bit that I struggle with lol!
  2. Pamper night – Run a bath, fill it to the brim with bubble and soak all of your troubles away.  Pampered hair, fingers, toes, skin and face just makes you feel a million times better!
  3. Buy new clothes- Shallow but true- just an item or two will make you feel so much nicer and confident
  4. Get a tan- Albeit spray or electric- you can’t deny it makes you feel that little bit sexy!
  5. Lipstick- An old friend….pop on something bold and bright…even if you don’t feel great you will look it.
  6. Music – I forget how much music actually helps my mood…ideally marry this with point number 2!
  7. Turn off social media – It gets me down- I shouldn’t, but I compare my mediocre life to that of the high flying bloggers of the world. NOT HEALTHY!
  8. Get organised – I don’t know why but when I’m in a grump I like to put dates in the diary, organise meal plans- I think it’s my own little way of gaining control and structure?! Either way- try it, it can be quite therapeutic!
I hope some of those points were helpful, and if not at least I hope you can identify with them.  This is what I love most about the blogging world- all of these wonderful people that live seemingly perfect lives…they can all admit that they have poopy times too…were all human after all :)
T xxx


A few Saturday's ago I went to London with my friend Emma.  It had been planned for a while and the main thing on our agenda was food!!!  Emma and I are big foodies and we wanted to cram in as much as we could into one day…so prepare for several food pics!!!

Our plan was to start the day with Crepes…but having got into London mega wasn’t open until 10:30…so with bitter disappointment we began searching for somewhere else in Covent Garden to fill our faces.  We stumbled across Paul.  I’m not going to lie it was definitely the meringues the size of your head and rubber ring size and shaped bread which drew us in!  The interior to this place was gorgeous…I really did not feel like I was in London!  We had a basket of mixed bread, tea and apple juice…however I did have major hot chocolate envy as I saw the girls next to me and it looked like molten chocolate in a cup!  I would definitely recommend you visit this place!

We then popped to an American sweet shop, Topshop, H&M, the biggest paperchase I’ve ever seen and F21.
For lunch we headed to Homeslice.  Now neither of us have eaten here before and I kind of have to ask myself why.  Pizza is my all-time favourite food and this place did not disappoint!  We only had a slice because we had big dessert plans. I could have eaten this until I burst however!
We then went to a magical place called the Haagen Dazs CafĂ©.  Again, how I’ve never been here before I will never know.  The menu was like someone had reached into my head and pulled out all of the most amazing dessert creations!  I had a hard time choosing- put it that way.   I eventually settled with a banoffee crepe which was heavenly!

We ended out fantastic day with a not so fantastic sprint for the train- imagine that with a belly full of ice cream!

To sum our day up, it was awesome... and we learnt a few things on this trip to London:

  • Never wear new shoes to London
  • We will definitely wear our nikes next visit
  • Homeslice is my new favourite pizza joint
  • Never wave to men in white vans ;)
T xxx

Cambridge Meet Up Event...

On Saturday 7th March I was lucky enough to attend the Cambridge Blogger meet up!  I went with my blogging bestie Daniella which was a godsend as I tend to be a little nervous going to events on my own.
The event was held at vodka revolution in Cambridge.  As soon as we arrived I could see that a huge amount of effort had gone into the planning of the event.  We were greeted with a hug from the events’ organiser Philippa and a choice of mocktails which were delicious may I add!

We had a good hour or so to network and chat to fellow bloggers which was great as most events in London leave me feeling completely overwhelmed- this event felt a lot more friendly and intimate!
Dotted around the room were well thought out stalls with various goodies placed on them.  First up there was the l'occtaine stand which had a basket full of goodies to take and try.  Lush were also there…again with pots, upon pots of scrummy face creams to try.  One of my favourite goodies were Chocolat Chocolat who had put together some sample bags of the most unique chocolate I have seen in a while! Unfortunately the chocolate did not make it to the photography stage…whoops!!

Hairy Jayne haircare also gave away a sample of their homemade haircare which i aim to do a post on soon :)
One of the most interesting stalls for me was a local brand called Sniffy Wiffy.  Their concept- body lotions that are designed to make checking for lumps and bumps easier.  Their ethos is to sniff cancer out- and I loved this idea so please check them out!
I loved how the gifts were well thought out and specific to the event and Cambridgeshire itself!

Speeches were given by Philippa, local secrets and Cision all of which were interesting and informative!
The goody bag…well lets get started on that.  Again- so lovingly thought out and some of the goodies inside can be seen in the main photo...there were too many to list :)
All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this event and if I’m honest I feel that some of the bigger events could learn a thing or two from this.  Small, well thought out events are much more valuable than large ones with no consideration for the bloggers or the companies who wish to gift.  Seeing some of the tweets and posts from the recent flop bloggerslove event disappointed me as this is not how events used to be back in 2008/09.  They used to be like the Camb Meet Up…informative and personal…bring them back please!!!

The professional photos can be seen here!

 T xxx

Weekend round up #3...

This weekend was a tiring one, after moving in to my friend’s house in the week I should have had a relaxing one but it turned out to be a very busy one! Due to the busy-ness..the main photos that were taken were of food and animals!
Friday night I went to Byron burger in Cambridge for dinner and then for a few drinks. 
Saturday I was lucky enough to have been on the guest list for the Cambridge blogger meet up which was organised by local blogger Philippa.  It was held at Vodka Revs and I have a post ready to go all about it!
Sunday I went to Woburn Safari Park..i love this place.  The highlight was the meeting with the lemurs…it was totally unexpected…they don’t usually come up to people but I think my bright handbag must of enticed them.  Not such a great point was that the monkeys on the drive round safari nibbled and broke my aerial!!
I hope you all had a great weekend!
T xxx

Weekend round up #2

Where are the weeks going- Springtime is officially here and its my favourite time of year :)
The weekend just gone I took a trip to Home sense as I’m moving in with my friend Kim this week…hence the lounge picture...not that I ever need an excuse to buy homeware.  I snapped up a picnic basket, a bunch of hydrangeas and a not needed but lusted notepad.  I then went to my friend Holly’s and she made the most amazing Mozzarella pasta.
Sunday I went to watch 50 shades of Grey again and I was lucky enough to be taken for a spin in my friends beautiful Nissan’s the stuff that dreams are made of! 

I had the most amazing italian meal with my friend Wendy and then some delicious cake from a little shop in my town called Toms cakes..the hummingbird cake was to die for!!
All in all it was a very fun weekend, the fact that I had just been paid helped tremendously also!
Please send me your links to similar posts..I’d love to read them!
T xxx