Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser...

I have never tried a Lush facial moisturiser before but was lucky enough to pick one up at the Cambridge blog event that I visited recently.  I had no idea of the hefty price tag attached to this item…and I have to say I was shocked..£32.50! 
Heres what Lush say…
“Feel like a million with this top-dollar, bionic facial moisturiser. We've spared no expense in making this; with protective sunscreens, evening primrose oil, shea butter, jojoba, honey and lavender oil to keep your complexion smooth, soft and safe from the sun. We've even blended in a pinch of Feeling Younger to leave you with a subtle, healthy glow.”
I have to say I found this product a little too heavy for me L…it leaves a very sticky feeling on my skin…so due to this ive only been using it at night…which kind of counteracts the products usage as it contains a shimmer and a Uv factor 30!  The product smells lovely and feels luxurious however, and I’m sure if you had dry or sensitive skin this would be a staple for you!
I think I will use this on holiday for the day...definitely better than putting bog standard sun cream all over my face thats for sure!
Have you tried this- what are your thoughts?
T xxx

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