Get Happy...

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling proper down in the dumps.  I don’t know whether it’s the time of year/weather or its due to a few things going on for me right now…regardless I decided to pop down and share some tips on how to shake off this rubbish feeling and just get happy!
  1. Go to the gym….I know I need to do this…it produces endorphins and I can’t deny I feel great after…it’s the going bit that I struggle with lol!
  2. Pamper night – Run a bath, fill it to the brim with bubble and soak all of your troubles away.  Pampered hair, fingers, toes, skin and face just makes you feel a million times better!
  3. Buy new clothes- Shallow but true- just an item or two will make you feel so much nicer and confident
  4. Get a tan- Albeit spray or electric- you can’t deny it makes you feel that little bit sexy!
  5. Lipstick- An old friend….pop on something bold and bright…even if you don’t feel great you will look it.
  6. Music – I forget how much music actually helps my mood…ideally marry this with point number 2!
  7. Turn off social media – It gets me down- I shouldn’t, but I compare my mediocre life to that of the high flying bloggers of the world. NOT HEALTHY!
  8. Get organised – I don’t know why but when I’m in a grump I like to put dates in the diary, organise meal plans- I think it’s my own little way of gaining control and structure?! Either way- try it, it can be quite therapeutic!
I hope some of those points were helpful, and if not at least I hope you can identify with them.  This is what I love most about the blogging world- all of these wonderful people that live seemingly perfect lives…they can all admit that they have poopy times too…were all human after all :)
T xxx

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