A few Saturday's ago I went to London with my friend Emma.  It had been planned for a while and the main thing on our agenda was food!!!  Emma and I are big foodies and we wanted to cram in as much as we could into one day…so prepare for several food pics!!!

Our plan was to start the day with Crepes…but having got into London mega wasn’t open until 10:30…so with bitter disappointment we began searching for somewhere else in Covent Garden to fill our faces.  We stumbled across Paul.  I’m not going to lie it was definitely the meringues the size of your head and rubber ring size and shaped bread which drew us in!  The interior to this place was gorgeous…I really did not feel like I was in London!  We had a basket of mixed bread, tea and apple juice…however I did have major hot chocolate envy as I saw the girls next to me and it looked like molten chocolate in a cup!  I would definitely recommend you visit this place!

We then popped to an American sweet shop, Topshop, H&M, the biggest paperchase I’ve ever seen and F21.
For lunch we headed to Homeslice.  Now neither of us have eaten here before and I kind of have to ask myself why.  Pizza is my all-time favourite food and this place did not disappoint!  We only had a slice because we had big dessert plans. I could have eaten this until I burst however!
We then went to a magical place called the Haagen Dazs Café.  Again, how I’ve never been here before I will never know.  The menu was like someone had reached into my head and pulled out all of the most amazing dessert creations!  I had a hard time choosing- put it that way.   I eventually settled with a banoffee crepe which was heavenly!

We ended out fantastic day with a not so fantastic sprint for the train- imagine that with a belly full of ice cream!

To sum our day up, it was awesome... and we learnt a few things on this trip to London:

  • Never wear new shoes to London
  • We will definitely wear our nikes next visit
  • Homeslice is my new favourite pizza joint
  • Never wave to men in white vans ;)
T xxx

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  1. I want a London trip for Homeslice and shopping! Would prefer Florida but hey ho ;)