Weekend round up #2

Where are the weeks going- Springtime is officially here and its my favourite time of year :)
The weekend just gone I took a trip to Home sense as I’m moving in with my friend Kim this week…hence the lounge picture...not that I ever need an excuse to buy homeware.  I snapped up a picnic basket, a bunch of hydrangeas and a not needed but lusted notepad.  I then went to my friend Holly’s and she made the most amazing Mozzarella pasta.
Sunday I went to watch 50 shades of Grey again and I was lucky enough to be taken for a spin in my friends beautiful Nissan Figaro...it’s the stuff that dreams are made of! 

I had the most amazing italian meal with my friend Wendy and then some delicious cake from a little shop in my town called Toms cakes..the hummingbird cake was to die for!!
All in all it was a very fun weekend, the fact that I had just been paid helped tremendously also!
Please send me your links to similar posts..I’d love to read them!
T xxx

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