Weekend round up #3...

This weekend was a tiring one, after moving in to my friend’s house in the week I should have had a relaxing one but it turned out to be a very busy one! Due to the busy-ness..the main photos that were taken were of food and animals!
Friday night I went to Byron burger in Cambridge for dinner and then for a few drinks. 
Saturday I was lucky enough to have been on the guest list for the Cambridge blogger meet up which was organised by local blogger Philippa.  It was held at Vodka Revs and I have a post ready to go all about it!
Sunday I went to Woburn Safari Park..i love this place.  The highlight was the meeting with the lemurs…it was totally unexpected…they don’t usually come up to people but I think my bright handbag must of enticed them.  Not such a great point was that the monkeys on the drive round safari nibbled and broke my aerial!!
I hope you all had a great weekend!
T xxx

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